Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck, the Sugar Daddies, and the Wolves

Sometimes when I look at what's going on in the United States these days it looks like a klown show. And I howl with laughter.

I mean really? A deranged radio talk show host, with a history of substance abuse, who believes the black President is a racist,  takes over a memorial to Abraham Lincoln, declares himself the reincarnation of Martin Luther King Jr, and pleads for a religious rebirth?

While the crass redneck Sarah Palin tells the crowd of white and crazy-looking tea baggers, they have been called to restore the honour of America. And screeches "Look around. You're not alone. You are Americans !!!"

Oh stop it. You're KILLING me. Muahahahaha.

But then I remember that almost twenty per cent of those Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim. The Great Black Hope is on the ropes. The economy is the Hindenburg.

I'm reminded of those who are pulling the strings of this "grass roots" movement.

There’s just one element missing from these snapshots of America’s ostensibly spontaneous and leaderless populist uprising: the sugar daddies who are bankrolling it, and have been doing so since well before the “death panel” warm-up acts of last summer.

The country will be in for quite a ride should these potentates gain power, and given the recession-battered electorate’s unchecked anger and the Obama White House’s unfocused political strategy, they might.

And I fear for America and I fear for us. Because the same forces that are trying to turn that country into a jungle are at work in ours. 

Which is why when I look at the Glenn Beck klown show I'm with this guy.

Beware the Anti-King, a howling wolf that shreds truth like so much floss on a werewolf's fang. And do repent. For the end is near.

Because when you add it all up this is what it says eh?

The United States is imploding. The madness is growing. Just like it is here.

And the wolves are at the door......

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