Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why We're NOT Better Off With Harper: The Video

It's so bizarre, so crazy, it could only happen in a ghastly corrupted state like Harperland,.

Or spring from the increasingly desperate and deluded mind of Stephen Harper.

For what else can explain that on Tuesday his propaganda machine would release a video bragging about all the jobs Great Economist Leader has created.

Only to prepare to deploy the useless Joe Oliver on Thursday, to announce that, hello Houston, the Cons have a job creation problem.

The Conservative government will announce Thursday that it is lowering Employment Insurance premiums in an effort to boost hiring at a time of sluggish job growth – the first of an expected series of tax cuts as Ottawa moves out of deficit and prepares to face voters in next year’s federal election.

And announce that they intend to fix the problem, by giving businesses yet another tax cut. Even though all the tax cuts the Cons have already given given them have resulted in no new jobs...

Just massive job losses as a recent survey showed.

The survey results were in line with the latest jobs report from Statistics Canada, which reported a decline of 11,000 jobs in August. A major increase in self-employment masked Statscan’s finding that private companies shed a record 111,800 jobs that month.

And the Cons should be using any spare money they have to boost benefits for the army of the unemployed, and make more Canadians eligible for receiving the benefits they paid for when they were working.

While employers are expected to embrace the announcement, lower premiums will fuel concern among some that the EI program is increasingly inaccessible to many Canadians due to recent policy changes approved by the Conservatives.

The percentage of unemployed Canadians who receive EI dropped to 36.6 per cent in June, when only 501,900 of the country’s 1,369,500 unemployed qualified for benefits.

Instead of turning the E.I. program into a bloody farce.

But then what do we expect from those brutish incompetent Cons? Who would bribe businesses and rich voters, while waging war on the poor and the unemployed, as they have from the moment they came to office.

Who would do anything to drive down wages, turn us all into low paid slaves. 

Humiliate our young people...

Make them feel helpless and hopeless.

And turn our Canada into a JUNGLE.

But would STILL try to brainwash into believing that their job creation programs are amazingly successful.

With frothy ads like this one...

When as I pointed out the other day, Harper's boastful claims in that ad couldn't be more fraudulent. 

“Better off with Harper” is the preferred framing for the Conservatives. In this case, the Conservatives buttress that idea with the fact that 1.1 million jobs have been created since the low point of the recession. That number is more impressive-sounding if you don’t know that 14 months ago the Prime Minister was boasting of one million new jobs.

His shabby record couldn't be more disastrous.

And if you want a better reflection of reality, and of the misery those bestial Cons are causing all over this country.

You'd have to turn that frothy ad into something like this one...

Yup. They would distort reality. They would treat us as if we were fools.

They would wage war on the poor and the unemployed.

They would hurt and humiliate their own people as only Cons could.

And all I can say is let's make sure that in the next election they are the ones who are hurt. 

They are the ones who are humiliated.

And that this callous monster finally loses HIS job...

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  1. Better off with Harper, does than not sound a bit English to me.
    Are the conservatives in a world wide conspiracy of catch phrases?

    1. hi Steve...yes it's not very original, it has been used before. But the interesting thing is how defensive it is. It's not a strong slogan and it reflects the weakness of the Con regime...

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    There's a suggestion on another popular blog that someone should alter the ad using modern techniques to:

    We're better off with HERPES.

    You're right, it is a creepy ad. Reminds one of something out of 1938 or perhaps 1957.

    Anonymous A

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Or something out of Orwell. Considering there are more than a million new Canadians, plus "temporary workers, That means more unemployed than ever as well.

    2. hi anon...well I don't know about Better off With Herpes, but it does lend itself to parody, and the quick video I made for this post, will be followed by many others. What's interesting is that this ad is not on their official YouTurbe channel but was offered to their followers as a reward for sending them money. And I can't help feeling that it may disguise the fact that the most important words in the ad are God Bless Canada. Which of course would be a way of shoring up their religious base. Time will tell but if this is the best they can come up with, they really must be in trouble...

    3. hi anon 11:33...well yes it is of course Orwellian when you take what is your weakness and try to turn it into a triumph. Unfortunately the dismal numbers tell the real story, and it should be relatively easy to compare and contrast what the Cons are saying with the ugly reality and make them look like they're lying to the population. Again...

    4. Ronald Reagan used the same "better off" line when first campaigning for U.S. President:

      Are you better off than you were four years ago?

      I think it would great to use parts of Reagan's text and use it against Harper and the Cons.

      The only ones who are better off today than they were 8 years ago (when Harper first became PM) are the corporations.

  3. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Jason Kenny did out and out blatantly lie regarding, his TFW program. Harper and Kenny are bringing over thousands of foreigners, that are not even ticketed nor certified. Those two guys that quit their jobs because, the foreigners are far too dangerous to work with? What the hell are they doing, working in the resource sector? A foreigner thawing out a propane tank, with a blowtorch? And, Harper and Kenny give these foreigners jobs, in highly dangerous, caustic, explosive areas of the tar sands and mines. Harper and Kenny are idiots giving foreigners jobs, anywhere in the resource sector. However, Harper and Kenny don't understand the perils, of giving uneducated foreigners, who don't even understand the language and give them those dangerous jobs.

    Such as what happened at, Mount Polley mine in BC. Harper deregulated safety standards, environment safety standards, stripped funds from the Environment Ministry. Permits his oil, gas and mine barons, to operate with acute shortages of staff. Mount Polley is a perfect example of pure unadulterated greed. Now the mine near Kamloops BC has also sprung a leak.

    It is quite funny, Harper sucking up to the U.N. I guess Harper knows, the UN can charge Israel, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper encouraged Israel, to make war on Palestine and Harper can be charged too. Harper was very nearly charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity before. Now Israel is expropriating Palestinian land, to build new settlements for themselves. Imagine Harper so evil he absolutely forbid, Palestinian children being brought to Canada, to be treated for their horrific war wounds. They are merely collateral damage to Harper and Israel.

    Harper has Canada in over, $4 trillion of debt. Harper is the only Canadian PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament. Harper is the worst and most corrupt PM, in the recorded history of this Nation. Harper is a traitor to Canada and he cheats to win. Better off with Harper? Not on your nelly.

    1. hi anon...yes the Jason Kenney and the foreign workers story is in remission. But that won't last long. We need to dig up more cases across the country and make sure it continues to haunt them....

  4. Hi, I would like to use this as a hand out that I could put in people's mail boxes. Would you be ok with my using your work in that way?

    1. hi Brenda...yes absolutely, you can use any of my material as you wish...