Friday, September 05, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Stench of Scandal

Well as you know Stephen Harper is at the NATO summit in Wales and posing as a Great Statesman Leader.

Although you'd never know it from his position in this group photo eh?

Because any further back and you'd need binoculars to see him.

But then I'm sure he's just glad to be there, because it is his last foreign honeymoon before he's forced to return to Canada.

And it will be a hard landing...

Because the day Parliament returns the Mike Duffy trial opens. And it will be hard to brag about the 13 soldiers he's sending to Ukraine, in relentless pursuit of the ethnic vote. 

When Canadians will be more interested in the 13 people in the PMO who knew about the Duffy Deal. 

Harper could be forced to testify under oath why he knew NOTHING.

The NDP is demanding to know why only Duffy was charged.

The NDP is calling on the federal prosecutions czar to review evidence collected by the RCMP during its investigation into Senator Mike Duffy to determine whether the prime minister's former chief of staff Nigel Wright or other PMO staffers, Conservative senators or party officials should face charges under the Parliament of Canada Act.

And Great Statesman Leader could quickly be reduced to Great Doggy Leader...

Rolling in the stench of scandal.

Possibly in the company of his former Parliamentary Secretary Dean Del Mastro.

All the evidence presented in MP Dean Del Mastro's election fraud trial backs up the story told by key witness Frank Hall, while Del Mastro's story doesn't match the facts, a prosecutor told a judge in Peterborough on Thursday. "The evidence of guilt in this case is overwhelming," Tom Lemon told Judge Lisa Cameron as the Crown presented its final arguments.

Because should Del Mastro be convicted we'll simply HAVE to remind Canadians that he was the Con point man on ETHICS...

Which of course will be terribly embarrassing.

Especially since the Cons who once made accountability their big issue, are doing rather badly on that account as this new Abacus poll shows...

Any other scandals can only make matters worse.

And should all help bring Stephen Harper down with a bump.

From the high-flying Great Statesman Leader his propaganda machine would have us believe he is. 

Even though the only meeting they could score today was one with the King of Jordan...

Who isn't even in NATO.

To the grubby Con leader of a tired and corrupt government that we know so well...

And most Canadians are so desperate to DEFEAT.

Yup. Stephen Harper is about to be degraded further. If that's possible.

The stench of scandal will follow him to the end of the earth.

And if we're lucky.

It will eventually send him to the place he rightfully belongs...

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Omar said...

Hi, Simon ... siting in an Internet café in Leith getting caught up on the goings on at home. It's a great and interesting time to be in Scotland, but I've got a feeling the 'Aye' side is going down to defeat. It will be close though! Cheers!

Simon said...

hi Omar...I'm extremely envious, I wish I was there too. I only visited Leith once, but I remember it has some wonderful eating and drinking places along the water's edge. Seb and I were planning to head down there during our last visit to Edinburgh and see the royal yacht Britannia (so I could tell my Mum about it) but we never made it. Were you there for the Fringe Festival? Because that's truly amazing, and after Montreal Edinburgh is my favourite city in the whole world. As for the referendum result I fear you may be right. Some of those planning to vote YES today may change their mids at the last moment, like many did in Quebec. But I'm hopeful that whatever the result it will have energized the Scottish people, and help change that country forever...

In the meantime, have a fabulous time !!!!

P.S. if Seb wasn't holding me down I'd probably be there already... ;)

Omar said...

Hi Simon ... I spend a fair bit of time in Leith when I'm in Edinburgh because where I stay in Muirhouse I use public transit to get around and one of the buses I take into the city centre goes through there. As you say, many good spots to eat, drink and explore. Just missed Fringe, but that was a bit of a strategic move on my part. Edinburgh is busy and crowded at the best of times and I wanted just a bit of a slower pace!