Thursday, September 25, 2014

Peter MacKay and the Great War on Marijuana and the Police

I suppose it was too good to be true. Most things in Harperland are like that eh? 

Any good idea that sticks its head above the ground is mown down by the ghastly Cons.

So one moment I'm pleasantly surprised by the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, telling a reporter that marijuana use is not a big deal. 

“I don’t think marijuana usage is as big a deal as it used to be. It’s still vulnerable to exploitation to organized crime, but you know, less and less as it becomes more and more commercially available,” he says.

And the next moment I'm forced to endure the sight of the hapless Con Peter MacKay  claiming that the Commissioner is wrong, and marijuana is a deadly threat. 

Justice Minister Peter MacKay says he disagrees with the head of the RCMP that smoking pot isn't as big a deal as it once was, arguing young people in particular are "very negatively affected" by marijuana use.

"We know that there are young people in particular who are very negatively affected by marijuana use. We know that it can have a very severe impact on early childhood development. We know it certainly isn’t a motivator, it doesn’t make people want to get up and go out and lead productive lives," MacKay said.

And sounding like the crown prosecutor in the absurd movie Reefer Madness...

Or like his crazed leader.

When in fact Paulson is right. The police should be focusing less on charging pot users and more on impaired driving.

He’s more concerned with eradicating impaired driving – and that means setting court-accepted standards for limits on both alcohol and drugs.

And Peter MacKay is hardly an example when it comes to cracking down on booze.

When as we know he's the poster boy for binge drinking...

Which is as I have pointed out before, is a far greater problem, and far more dangerous than marijuana.

And the only reason MacKay is blowing smoke out of his bong, or his bung hole, is that his filthy Cons and their freakish leader are trying to use marijuana to destroy Justin Trudeau.

With perverted and misleading ads like this one...

Which say more about the Cons and their filthy friends.

And definitely more about their depraved leader...

Than they do about Trudeau.

Especially since Justin's proposal to legalize marijuana would make the drug LESS not more available to kids.

And take it out of the hands of organized crime. 

And the good news? Most Canadians agree with Paulson. 

Earlier this year, an Ipsos Reid poll suggested 70 per cent of Canadians want to see the current pot laws at least relaxed — and one in three Canadians back full legalization.

And now that the head of the RCMP has made his views clear, the Con's Great War on Marijuana  looks even more ridiculous.

Or even more like MADNESS...

Which is of course great eh?

Because anything that makes Stephen Harper look even crazier than he already is can only do him even more damage.

And of course you know what I think of Peter MacKay...

Where did those ghastly reefer maniacs come from?

How soon can we get rid of them?

And while I pray to Saint Bob Marley for deliverance from this Con Babylon.

I'd like to dedicate this nifty remix of  the Christian group Sonseed's Jesus is My Friend.

To the freakish Stephen Harper and the idiot Dumbo....

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  1. Has anyone brought up that (very dangerous type of) binge drinking picture? Kids die of such "drinking games" at just about all university welcoming weeks (though in fairness student associations and administrations have had some success in changing that culture).

    I'm not an expert in such stupid fratboy behaviour, but it seems that pipe would serve to short-circuit the body's natural regurgitation mechanism, non? Resulting in acute alcohol poisoning, which can kill, even healthy young people.

    As for driving, I'm opposed to it, even sober, but it will take a hell of a long time to eradicate that murderous practice, especially outside urban areas.

    1. hi lagatta....binge drinking is a major problem in this country, especially in high school and the first years of university. Which BTW was why I was so shocked that some teenager could be found suffering from alcohol poisoning at that party at Harper's residence. As for drinking and driving, I have seen the tragic results up close, a veritable massacre of blood and smashed bones, and we can't fight it enough. I don't drink, and I would never have a puff and drive either. The Commissioner is right we need to realign our priorities and focus on harm reduction...

  2. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Is the person on the right holding some type of plpe or bong?

    1. hi know I've never noticed that before, but it does look like some kind of water pipe. Don't tell me Dumbo was binge drinking AND smoking weed. Arrest him for hypocrisy at once !!!!! ;)

    2. Yes, that definitely looks like a hookah. For hasch.

  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Harper and his cabal MacKay are attacking Trudeau's stance on pot. That is all the munster Harper and his toadies have on Trudeau. They seem to have no clue of, how ridiculous they are. The police have the best idea? They would ticket pot, just as they do DIU.

    1. hi anon....You know I'm all in favour of drug education for young people, and encouraging them to avoid all drugs is still the best policy. But if they are going to take drugs then marijuana, when consumed in small quantities, is a safer drug than alcohol. And when I see the Cons trying to make it appear like a Killer Weed just so they can target Trudeau, is criminally irresponsible....

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I've been trying to bring this up, but it gets censored every time at CBC. Its been a long while since I've seen Ol' Stephen wear a wedding ring... why is that? this one is from 2013 ( see what I mean? try to find one where he is wearing a ring!

    What would his religious fanatic base think if they found out he can't even keep his marriage together, I wonder. What about all those "old family values" the cons often go on about... In fact I have to question why has the media not broached the subject, especially when its been admitted that there have been rumors in Ottawa for years about this (came up regarding this Ezra rant, in that some NP media pundits mentioned in a comment section that since they never went after Harper's marriage rumors that the right wing propagandists should stay out of other politicians' families)

    1. hi anon....yes I've heard those rumours too. But I've always made it my policy not to attack his family no matter how much I despise him. It's actually a Canadian tradition I support. And I was actually more offended by the drunken party at 24 Sussex Drive, and the fact that nobody was charged or chastised by the police. Because that seems to suggest that there are two laws in Canada one for the rich and powerful, and one for the rest of us....

  5. e.a.f.7:39 PM

    Out here in B.C. distracted driving kills more than drunk driving. We had 81 people killed this past year because of distracted driving. Are the laws being changed? NO.

    So if more people are being killed by distracted driving than by drunk driving and the laws aren't being changed, why not? Lets hear from Peter McKay, poster boy for binge drinking.

    harper and his herd thought they had a "political football" to run with. But as usual, harper and his herd are out of step with the general public and really do not know what is going on in this country. They don't know about the lives of the average taxpaying citizen, nor do they care. They are so backward they can't even get on the same page as the Commissioner of the RCMP. They don't even know distracted driving kills.

    Getting booze requires going into a liquor store. Getting pot requires going to the corner, where there is no one who asks for I.D. and you don't even know what quality you are purchasing. I say, put it in the liquor stores or pot stores and get over it.

    harper and his herd are so out of touch with Canadians and what is important its gross. Out here in B.C., a couple of weeks ago a 17 yr. old girl, was just walking along and was murdered by a convicted sexual predator, who was likely to re-offend, who had been released after 22 yrs. in jail. At one time he himself thought he might re offend. Of course the question was, why wasn't this guy being kept under surveillance by the RCMP. The response. They didn't have the money in the Surrey, B. C. detachment.

    Now we have the case of a 71 yr old woman taking pictures of the Shell Oil tank farm in Burnaby, B.C. Kinder Morgan's security people didn't like that. They reported it to the RCMP and the law biding 71 yr old woman was paid a visit by the RCMP E-division, surveillance unit. (now we should mention she was taking the pictures to use in a presentation to the National Energy Board in opposition to expansion of Kinder Morgan's pipeline out here.)

    It would appear harper, mackay and the herd have it all a tad back wards. Pot is bad. Booze is good. No money for surveillance of convicted sexual predators, who are likely to re-offend. Lots of money to "investigate" little old lady taking picture so oil tanker farm.

    With this type of government I can hardly wait to see what happens next. If the voters of Canada return harper and his herd to office, they deserve what they get. the rest of us might want to find another place to live, because with the new China trade agreement, this isn't our country anyhow anymore.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes distracted driving is a huge and growing problem. I can't believe how many people I see talking or texting while driving. And of course Rob Ford is an example of what NOT to do. I just wish every young Canadian could spend some time in an E.R. on a long holiday weekend to see the carnage close-up. Because not even the most graphic public service announcements can convey the true horror. And then of course there are the rehab or long term care wards which can be even more depressing, full of people in comas, or more dead than alive...