Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Start of the Next Election Campaign

Well there he was yesterday, kicking off the new session of Parliament, not in the House of Commons, but at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Strutting across a stage in front of a giant Canadian flag, and the Con seals in his caucus. 

Looking like a used car salesman, or an American televangelist.

Promising tax cuts for the faithful at an election-style rally. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is promising tax cuts for Canadians in a matter of months, using an election-style rally to fire up Conservative troops as Parliament returns and signalling the campaign to win in 2015 has begun in earnest.

And lying through his teeth.

Claiming that he is leading the charge against the Russians in Ukraine, and the ISIS terrorists in Iraq, when he is just a bit player with a big mouth.

Claiming that our economy is the "envy of the world" when it most definitely is not. It's slumping badly, haemorrhaging jobs. 

And his job creation plans are a total failure, and a cruel farce. 

The Harper government's new signature proposal timed for the return of Parliament on Monday "makes it weirdly profitable to fire people," according to an independent analysis by an economist. 

Mike Moffatt of the Ivey School of Business at Western University analysed the proposed Small Business Job Credit aimed at companies that pay Employment Insurance premiums equal to or less than $15,000, and found "major structural flaws that, in many cases, give firms an incentive to fire workers and cut salaries."

But of course the bottom line is that he will try to brainwash Canadians, he will try to  bribe some of them with tax cuts, starting almost immediately. The campaign has officially begun, and the next election will almost certainly come sooner than most people imagine.

And in that regard the polls are still encouraging. He's still trailing the Liberals by a healthy margin.

Almost a year away from the scheduled October 2015 election, the Liberals lead the Conservatives by 7 points, says the Ipsos Reid poll for Global News. If an election were held tomorrow, 38 per cent of voters would choose the Grits compared to 31 per cent voting Tories, it says. Nearly a quarter of Canadians, 23 per cent, would vote NDP, while 5 per cent would vote Bloc Quebec and 3 per cent for the Green Party.

The NDP is still competitive, and most importantly the desire for change remains strong.

Only 1 in 3 voters, or 33 per cent, believe the Harper government has done a good job and deserves to be re-elected, while 67 per cent believe that “it is time for another party to take over.”

Because in the end that is what will probably kill him.

The Prime Minister’s biggest challenge may be voter fatigue. Just last week Mr. Harper’s time in office surpassed Louis St. Laurent’s and, within about two months, the Conservative Leader’s tenure will also exceed both Robert Borden’s and Brian Mulroney’s length of service in the post.

And the one thing he can do nothing about, for time is his enemy...

But having said that, I also have to say, that if we are going to take full advantage of that voter fatigue, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau are going to have to perform better than they did today.

For while they both held their own, as you can see if you read this story. 

They both need to step up their game, paint a bigger picture, hammer the Cons more aggressively, and reinforce the view, by whatever means necessary, that the Cons are an old and tired government, who are dead on their feet, and more than good to go.

Because if they don't, they will not motivate Canadians to vote in the numbers we need to crush the Cons. Stephen Harper could still bribe or bullshit enough of them to win another term in office.

And we could wake up the day after the election wondering what went wrong, and end up spending another four years in the hell of our own making.

In his monstrous Canada...

Yup. The next election campaign is underway. The time for action is now.

Prepare to fight Harper and his foul regime harder than ever.

Don't let him destroy this country...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Simon, it is only an Oopsos Reid poll. The same Oops, Hudak did not sweep Ontario after all our claims that he was leading in every part of the province, including northern Ontario. Remember how Warren Kinsella was proclaiming that he really had confident in these pollsters, that they were on the ground and knew what was happening as opposed to the other pollsters such as EKOS and Forum which had predicted a Wynne victory? How did Kinsella's prediction of a Hudak super victory turn out?

Thus I recommend a "correction" factor for every Oopsos poll: take 5 points away from the Cons and redistribute 3 points to the NDP and 2 points to the Libs. Thus the real numbers are more along the lines of Libs: 40%, Cons: 26%, NDP: 26%.

Isn't it interesting that the "corrected" numbers just happen more in line with this EKOS poll: http://www.ekospolitics.com/index.php/2014/08/political-landscape-turning-bleak-for-stephen-harper/

I think we are still on track for a potential JT victory and a run to the hills by Dear Leader to avoid being humiliated, eh?

Anonymous said...

Do ethnic people do polls? I read, they do not. Many foreigners have drivers licenses and health care cards. Who polices that at the voting venues? Do you not recall? Harper sent his henchmen to storm Guelph University, to stop the students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes.

The minute China knew Harper had sold them Canada? There are thousands of Chinese on their way, to work the mines in Northern BC. Harper and Gordon Campbell gave those mines to Communist China. This happened years ago, during Gordon Campbell's reign of terror in BC. China's destruction of BC is already started.

And Simon, you tell me what we can do about it? Good gawd!! Harper gave Communist China permission to sue Canada if, anyone tries to block China's takeover of Canada. There are thousands of wealthy Chinese suing to get into, especially BC. Harper just had another sneak meeting with Communist China behind our backs, likely to hand Canada to, the most hated country on the planet.

Harper is a traitor, doing acts of treason to Canada and the people. You tell me why, Harper is not in prison? In my Grandfathers day, they would have found a stout tree and a rope. That is how traitors and treason were dealt with back then.

Communist China mowed their students down, with machine gun fire. Read of: Mugabe, the Red China Communist Army and China's blood diamonds. It is said, Harper signed a deal with, the China Communist Army.

We were warned if, Harper ever had a majority? We can kiss Canada good-bye. As of Oct 1st, this country is gone.

cheena1 said...

I do agree with you. Ekos is the only poll I ever have confidence in or pay attention to. Ppl don't talk about it much anymore, but Frank's figures were quite correct in 2011! Of course, no one could have taken into account the cheating, robo-calling, ballot box stuffing, intimidation tactics, etc. of the THG! These are impossible to factor into a poll!

cheena1 said...

And to add insult to injury, a ghost town was sold to China last week for under 1 million $$. I believe it was approx. 45 acres, c/w buildings, houses, etc. Major infrastructure work needed of course, but TFWP will take care of those costs real quick! Who decides on these sales anyway? Prov? Fed? Who puts the price on? I'm so very sick of THG and Chrusty Clarks BCLibs! (For sure not to be confused with the federal Liberal party.)