Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What Excuse Will Stephen Harper Use to Trigger An Early Election?

He is not supposed to call an election until October 19, 2015 according to his own fixed-date election law.

But everybody knows that Stephen Harper won't hesitate to hold one if and when it suits him.

The question is what excuse will he use to trigger an election?

And could it be a clash with the federal public service unions? 

Canada’s federal public service unions are bracing for tough contract talks, concerned that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government will attempt to provoke a confrontation or even a strike as part of its re-election strategy.

Collective agreements for most unionized public servants expired in recent months. Most of those that remain in effect are due to expire by the end of the year.

A clash the Cons will have provoked or deliberately engineered...

Some union leaders say the government’s decision to change the rules on essential services and arbitration leaves unions few options outside of strikes or job action if they can’t reach a deal.

In the hope that they can recruit enough Canadians who are only to eager to bash unions for having benefits they don't have, to vote for them, and join in the insane race to the bottom.

But then the election call could be triggered by other issues as well. Like their Great War on Crime, which although the crime rate is tanking like their polls, the Cons still seem determined to wage.

By for example rushing their flawed prostitution bill through Parliament.

The Conservative government is being accused of rushing its prostitution bill through Parliament to ensure it is passed into law this fall.

They say Justice Minister Peter MacKay, who will lead off the hearings Tuesday, is not adequately consulting lawyers, academics and sex-workers who say the bill is deeply flawed.

So that Cons like MacKay can accuse the opposition, among other things, of wanting to allow hookers to ply their business in our school yards.

Even if that's absurd, and even if his deliberately botched bill makes the lives of sex workers even more dangerous.

And then of course, there are their grotesque plans to portray Stephen Harper as a Great Strong Leader. 

You know this guy...

Or this one...

The kind of leader they would have us believe that Canada needs in a time of war.

A war the Cons seem almost eager to provoke. With their bellicose rhetoric aimed at the Russians, which is attracting a predictable response. 

Russia's military acted in an "unnecessarily provocative" manner when its aircraft circled a Canadian ship in the Black Sea on Sunday, says Canada's minister of national defence. 

 "The acts perpetrated by Russia were unnecessarily provocative and are likely to increase tensions further," said Rob Nicholson in a written statement, saying it did not matter if the aircraft circling HMCS Toronto had posed no threat.

And which the Cons are using to further inflame the situation, and further seize the ethnic vote.

While at the same time trying to lure the opposition into a debate over the question of sending troops to Iraq.

The Conservative government will defend ordering special forces soldiers to Iraq on both moral and pragmatic grounds, arguing that Canadians are obliged to help stop a savage militant group whose self-proclaimed caliphate risks becoming a training ground for terrorists who could attack Canada and other Western countries.

Which since the move is supported by a majority of Canadians, Harper could then use to portray Tom Mulcair as a commie or a pacifist.

While smearing Justin Trudeau as a weakling or a terrorist stooge...

As only that depraved leader is capable of doing.

And all I say is doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, or a genius to figure out what the Cons are doing.

Harper is looking for an excuse to trigger an election, a chance to pit Canadians against each other, as he has done from the moment he came to power.

And since time is his enemy, sooner for him is better than later.

So we must be ready. 

Ready to RESIST.

Ready to fight him harder than we ever have before.

Because the war for Canada is coming.

And it could begin at any time...

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Steve said...

Canada must be strong in a time of fear and the national nightmare that is the Conservatives. If you do not believe me look what can happen on its anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Harper is not the big shot on the International scene, he thinks he is.

At meetings of the Nations, Harper is the trouble maker every time. He always manages to insult and anger every country attending. Countries detest Harper's bullying and his hissy fits when, he doesn't get his own way.

At the G-8? Harper insulted and angered Putin, in front of the world. He also took the time, to mean mouth Trudeau at that same meeting. Harper thought that all of his insults, gained him brownie points. All Harper did was to, embarrass Canada.

Harper was banned a seat on, the UN Security Council. Harper had the gall to be livid about that? Even though he stonewalled and blocked the investigation, on the torture of the detainees. Harper ran like the coward he is. He prorogued and is held in contempt of Parliament.

Harper of course, jumped right in on Putin's annexing of the Crimea. Everyone knew Harper was driving a wedge between Russia and Europe. Harper wants to sell his dirty Bitumen and NG to Europe.

Now Harper did not have an invite to, the NATO meeting Obama called.

Harper has been nothing other, than a pariah. He doesn't think the world can't see? Harper took a decent, honorable, democratic Canada that he is forcing into a fascist dictatorship.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Simon said...

The above comment was removed because it was too Con, as will all others. If any Cons feel the urge to wank off in future they should do it in the privacy of their fetid basements, or on some Con site, but their depravities will not.be tolerated here. I can only add that it was a long comment so I really enjoyed deleting it...

e.a.f. said...

I wouldn't worry about ISIS coming and doing violence in Canada. I'm more worried about people I know and love becoming another statistic in the growing number of murdered/missing First Nations women.

Canada ought to stay out of the ISIS mess. Let the other Arab countries look after it first. If they try and fail, and need help, that will be soon enough for Canada to go to "war" with ISIS.

Harper and his herd are so "concerned" about Canadians "joining" and fighting ISIS. I'm not. They are in another part of the world. I'm more concerned about the men who murdered the more than 1,200 First Nations Women. They live right here in Canada, in our neighbourhoods, on our streets. Like the sign says, "will I be next". Who of my friends, will be next to go missing or be murdered by a man living right here in Canada. harper and his herd might be best to address this issue first.

David said...

Harper denunciates

Last Friday, why did Harper miss a NATO summit photo-op? Was he mad he wasn't invited to Thursday's meeting?


Harper and Baird have been rattling their chains of war, which really makes Canada look stupid.

They cannot stop, as it will make them look weak.

Hey, maybe that will be part of Harper's 2015 election campaign:

I can visualize a TV ad now, repeating ad nauseam:

Harper, standing in front of a huge Canadian flag (like George C. Scott stood in front of a huge American flag in the movie, Patton)


dressed in combat fatigues:

".... And of course, friends, only me and my Conservative team can keep Canadians safe from Russia, ISIS, Hamas, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, and Elizabeth May. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists!"