Monday, September 29, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Umbrella Revolution

It's an amazing sight, and an incredibly inspiring one. Tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators defying the authorities in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong democracy protesters defied volleys of tear gas and police baton-charges to stand firm in the center of the global financial hub on Monday, one of the biggest political challenges for Beijing since the Tiananmen Square crackdown 25 years ago.

The so-called Umbrella Revolution...

But while I'm cheering the protesters on wildly, and praying for their safety at the same time.

You can be sure that Stephen Harper is shaking his umbrella at them, and cursing them loudly for threatening to rain on his parade.

Because as you know he is planning to visit China in November, in the final stage of his grand plan to seize or penetrate every possible ethnic voter in Canada.

As he outlined recently in that deeply disturbing interview with the Wall Street Journal. 

What’s most interesting politically about our coming to office and staying in office, in fact growing our support while we’ve been in office over the past decade, has been that the growth of conservatism in Canada – our electoral support – has been largely, not exclusively, but largely by our penetration of immigrant voters, of so-called cultural communities. 

We were, 50 years ago, like many conservative parties in other parts of the world. We had a very small share of that vote. Today, we win most of those communities and we are the majority party in so-called cultural communities writ large. We are the majority party.

And as you also know, in order to get the Chinese government to invite him before the next election, he rushed through the hideously flawed FIPA deal.

Which places us in bondage to that country's sinister commie/capitalist conglomerate for at least the next 31 years.

A deal so bad even the Con columnist Diane Francis compared it to the infamous one Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler...

And now like Chamberlain, Harper is left with a lousy deal. And thanks to the Hong Kong protests also left in an uncomfortable situation.

For if Great Freedom Fighter Leader speaks up for democracy, like he does in places like Ukraine while strangling it at home, his Chinese hosts will disinvite him.

So he will have sold us out for NOTHING.

Not even a lousy photo-op...

As bad as they might have been. 

And if he doesn't speak out, even if the Chinese regime cracks down in its usual brutal manner, he will not be seen as a Great Strong leader.

Just a hapless stooge...

So I don't think we can lose eh?

Here's to the Umbrella Revolution...

And all those amazing young people who are bravely defying the Chinese regime.

Doing their best to shake-up the corrupt established order, as so many others are trying to do all over the world.

And who inspire me so much...

Even when they fail.

Because as I like to say as we continue this long journey together to get OUR Canada back...

The future does belong to us.

Today it's the turn of others.

Tomorrow it will be OUR turn...

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  1. As usual though, harper is lying

    his party is not the party of New Canadians.

    They're still rejecting him.

    1. hi thwap...well he was trying to show off to his Republican friends so what do you expect? I'm afraid he has made some inroads in some ethnic communities, but I doubt it will help him much, and when he brags of having tilted the country to the right he's out of his mind...

  2. Great read...I too want my Canad back out of Harpo's grips!

    1. hi Godog8...thanks, I think there are a lot of Canadians who want Harper and his gang to take their dirty paws off our country. And the good news is that we have never been closer to that day. I'm going to have to start sleeping an extra hour a night, so I can be ready for the party.... ;)

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I can see Stephen's and henchmen calling the protestors criminals threatening the great capitalist country China. It won't take long for Rob Anders to cal all that support the protesters commies or just more Palestinian terrorists. After all lets be honest, the Chinese are really fascist and that sits very well with the fuhrer Stephen Joseph Adolph Stalin Nixon Harper.

    1. hi anon....well I've seen that Jason Kenney did put out a tweet, seeming to support the students and the Bejing regime at the same time. But there has not been a peep from Harper. He really is in an awkward position, and I can't wait to see him twisting in the wind...

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    BC citizens even warned people, Harper, ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell were snakes in the grass. Harper's sell-out to Communist China, began way in Gordon Campbell's dirty corrupt reign of evil in BC. No-one would listen to us. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are just as corrupt as, Harper and his corrupt cabal. We were warned if Harper some how managed a majority, we could kiss Canada good-bye.

    Harper is rabid to be, a V.I.P. on the global scene. Harper is absolutely rabid, for all of that power and glory. Harper works for the, mine,oil,gas and wealthy barons. That is why Harper sold us to Communist China, for the resource barons benefit.. Harper has been sneakily working on the TPP behind our backs, that too is a corporate give-a-way. This gives the resource barons a hell of a lot more power to rip the citizens off, even worse than they do now. The wealthy barons are sitting on all of the money. This stops the cash flow around the globe which in turn, causes a recession. Harper is just as insane as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were. Harper too, is an out and out evil monster.

    Communist China is one of the most hated countries on the globe. Canadians don't want that Communist country on our Canadian soil, what-so-ever.

    Jason Kenny out and out blatantly lied about his TFW program. There is no shortage of labor in Canada and never has been.

    Then we have that fool Baird shooting off his mouth? They *always* bring their corrupt dealings into the House for debate. Harper selling Canada to Communist China, we had a chance to say no? The hell we did. Chairman Mao Traitor Steven Treason Harper, went behind our backs and forced this utter atrocity of Communist China upon Canadian citizens.

    Why Harper isn't in prison for being a traitor doing acts of treason boggled me.

    1. hi you know I don't like comparing Harper to other historical figures. He is our very own homegrown monster, and bad enough in his own right...

  5. e.a.f.7:49 PM

    Watched the protests with interest in Hong Kong. Here we have citizens protesting for democracy in Hong Kong and what do we hear from Mr. "I'm so for democracy I send out military to Europe"? , NOTHING! NOTHING! don't expect to either. Democracy is good for Ukraine and Europe. Democracy bad for the people of Hong Kong and China.

    Don't expect to hear word one from the Cons in support of democracy in Hong Kong. China doesn't want it and China is harper's best new friend. What concerns me is the 31 yr. trade deal which gives China a lot of power in Canada and the ability to bring in their own workers. So what happens when Canadians start to protest against Chinese interest and impedes their profit making? Does harper send in the police and/or armed forces of Canada to break up the protests? Does China, as part of bringing their own workers into Canada, bring in their own "corporate security" people?

    Will harper allow Chinese corporate security teams "break up" Canadian protests against Chinese corporations. How will it work with companies owned by the Red Army of China whose corporations will be operating in Canada? Will they bring their "security" force to Canada? Would they use these :"security forces" against people living in Canada to break strikes or "disrupt" protests which would not be in Chinese corporations interests?

    So now we have harper having flapped his gums in Europe about democracy and sent Canadian Armed Forces to "ensure" there is democracy in Europe but has said nothing about democracy in Hong Kong. Like there was a signed agreement with Great Britain and China regarding "democracy" for Hong Kong. Whats that, mr. harper, the cat got your tongue?

    1. hi e.a.f...yes Harper's support for democracy is flexible in the extreme. As you point out he's like a bull in Ukraine, and a mouse in places like Saudi Arabia or China. He always going on about Canada's "principled position" but the truth is he has no principles whatsoever...

  6. Haprp has jumped the shark, again. He banned delegates from Russia and China at a big Space conference in Canada.

  7. Only a idiot would call winning an election with 37% a majority opinion.

    1. hi Steve...well banning two of the three biggest space powers from a conference about Space tells you that he either doesn't know what's he's doing or he's going crazy. Personally I think it's both... ;)