Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stephen Harper: The Political Predator and the E.I. Scam

It was the PMO's Picture of the Week. Stephen Harper receiving a report on the situation in Ukraine from the brutish former Premier of Ontario Mike Harris.

In his never-ending pursuit of the ethnic vote.

Even though, sadly for him, the only ones who covered the event were his PMO flunkies.

Because even the dullards in the MSM could guess what was in that report...

But then Harper is desperate, and as The Economist reminds us, he is a political predator.

Attempts to humanise him by playing up his love of ice hockey, cats and the Beatles have fallen flat. “People don’t like him, but they respect him,” says AndrĂ© Turcotte, a political scientist who conducts polls for the Manning Centre, a right-wing think-tank. Tom Flanagan, who worked with Mr Harper on his early political campaigns, describes him as “ruthless” and “a predator” when he has an opponent in his sights.

He's in the fight of his life, his attempts to move Canada to the right have failed miserably.

The prime minister’s biggest failing is his scant progress in moving the soul of Canada further to the right. Surveys indicate that Canadians feel government has a big role to play in their lives and they are not averse, at least theoretically, to paying higher taxes to make that happen. On social issues, they remain deeply libera. Mr Harper has changed people’s opinions of his own political prowess since 2006. But if he wants to change Canada, he may be running out of time.

And now he has only ONE priority: clinging to power. 

The Conservatives under Stephen Harper are great adherents to the credo that having too many priorities is the same as having none at all. In official Ottawa — those six-or-so blocks around Parliament Hill where politicians work, live and play — the important priority since the 2011 election has been to do whatever it takes to get rid of the deficit in time for the next election in 2015.

Even if reducing the deficit means ripping off millions of Canadians, so he can bribe a selected few, in the next election. 

An independent report shows Ottawa will collect $3.5-billion more in Employment Insurance premiums than necessary in 2015, a year when the Conservative government is expected to release a pre-election budget jammed with tax cuts and new spending. 

Finance Minister Joe Oliver denied this week that his government is using E.I. premiums as a “slush fund,” but the actuarial report released Friday is fuelling criticism that the Conservatives are tapping into E.I. funds meant for the unemployed in order to pay for other priorities.

Can you believe that eh? 

First he makes it almost impossible to collect E.I. Then he humiliates the unemployed. Then he deprives the victims of his failed job creation programs of the money they need to feed their families.

Then he dives into the trough and gobbles up the money himself...

Talk about a political predator. Talk about a Con HOG.

Oh boy. Tom Mulcair is right, Harper really is a scam artist.

“What they’re trying to do is to build to a number this spring. So all of this is going to be robbing Peter to pay Paul,” he said in an interview Friday. “They’re heading for a situation where they’re going to be able to say, with great fanfare this spring, that ‘Lo and behold, after all this great work,’ they’ve got a surplus. But it’s a surplus that’s completely phoney.”

Him and his filthy corrupt regime really deserve to get spanked.

No wonder they're so afraid of the former dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford.

Bedford does have a list of names, compiled from sex workers across Canada, and I am told she is carefully considering which names to release and how to manage that delicate process, after the bill receives royal assent. This would shame the hypocrites who secretly go to prostitutes while publicly moralizing against sex work or vote for laws that endanger sex workers.

Because they really are such hypocrites and such low beasts.

C-36 will either be undone by the next government or struck down by judges, correctly interpreting the charter — a democratically adopted higher law. C-36 is a doomed rearguard action — aimed at winning donations and votes — and the Conservatives know it. 

What they don’t know: whose names are on Bedford’s list.

And since Harper can't be sure that he isn't on Mike Duffy's list....

I bet that political predator is now so desperate he's capable of ANYTHING.

But you know, I've got a better way to punish him and his Con gang.

Let's use all this filthy stuff against them, to degrade and diminish them. Let's defeat them, let's humiliate them.

Let's launch a massive police investigation into EVERYTHING they've done in office.

Let's make this country clean again.

And send as many Cons as possible to the place they belong...

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the salamander said...

.. Hopefully Terri-Jean Bedford doesn't just name names..
but gives Canadians a performance or preference appraisal
of the preferred or priority plus Harper Government & Party clientel
that need to be whipped into shape.. or their pasty fat bottoms slapped

We know there's an evangelical fantasy faction in play..
based out of the Parliament Buildings, with official letterhead
but riding crops, bridles, bibles and diapers? Yo.. ! Saddle up troops ..
Tonight we ride.. or, OK.. Con piggies.. get ridden n whipped to the Harper Rapture

Simon said...

hi salamander....thanks for this, I think I was smiling for at least an hour. There are few things I enjoy more
than seeing moralistic hypocrites who would inflict pain on others getting their asses kicked. And whipped would be even better....