Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Use Science Against Stephen Harper

Well now that I know that Stephen Harper is planning to stay on and lead his Cons into the next election.

Unless the Duffy trial starts sooner than he is hoping.

And now that I know that despite what he said about Michael Ignatieff...

He's not here for us either, and the next election will be all about HIM.

The next election will serve as a referendum on Mr. Harper, who will be presented as a strong leader in turbulent, ominous times against the callow Justin Trudeau and the ideological Thomas Mulcair. Canadians’ attitudes toward Mr. Harper will eclipse any other aspect of the election.

And now that I know that he is so deluded, or crazy desperate, he STILL doesn't understand that his time is OVER.

He is a deeply polarizing figure, as prime ministers often are after many years in office. He knows, because he has long practised this kind of politics, how to galvanize those who admire him and his approach. 

These admirers are not the majority of Canadians, but he obviously thinks that there are enough of them that, properly galvanized by him and his ubiquitous presence, he will win again.

I must admit that for a while I wondered how on earth are we EVER going to give him the hint that he's good to GO?

Until I read about this amazing scary scientific breakthrough. 

Although it's far from the sort of brain transplant beloved by science fiction enthusiasts, scientists have taken one step in that direction: they have spliced a key human brain gene into mice. 

In the first study designed to assess how partially "humanizing" brains of a different species affects key cognitive functions, scientists reported on Monday that mice carrying a human gene associated with language learned new ways to find food in mazes faster than normal mice.

Which when properly applied....

Could make him and his Cons smarter.

And more realistic about their future...

With Harper as their leader.

Because after that all it would take is one large cat.

And it would be GAME OVER...

But then where are we going to find a cat or a scandal that large?

Until the Duffy trial starts. 

So maybe this scientific development might be more useful.

Looking for a BF who shares your radical right-wing ideologies? Find somebody whose body odor smells good to you. Sure, that sounds totally gross, but humans are more attracted to the B.O. of people with similar political views, according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Political Science.

Because then we could smell a Con coming...

And take evasive action.

But of course none of that will be necessary eh?

Not when Harper is so unpopular, time is his enemy...

And having the whole Con regime resting on his bony shoulders is exactly what the doctor ordered.

For all we have to do is destroy him and we will bring all of them down with him.

So we'll just have to tell the scientists to stand down and do the job OURSELVES.


Although after the way he has treated scientists in this country.

I bet they would have enjoyed it...

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Anonymous said...

Harper is vastly abnormal. He has no honor, decency, scruples, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. Harper is the evil monster that, handed Canada over to Communist China, one of the most hated countries on the globe.

Too many of us were brought up in, the decent, good democratic Canada, that was once respected around the world. Canada is no longer a decent democratic country. Harper is an evil dictator, that has destroyed Canada.

Do people now recognize, all the votes and donations China will give Harper? The minute Communist China knew they owned Canada? There are thousand upon thousands of Chinese being brought over. There are all the Northern BC mines China has been given. BC's beautiful 400 year old Douglas Firs are being hacked down. The LNG plants near Prince Rupert. The Enbridge pipeline will be forced through. China has a massive resource project in our High Arctic. And, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Communist China fouled much of their farmland and 40% of their water. Dead pigs float down China's rivers. China can't feed themselves so, they will take our food crops.

To understand Harper's evil? Look at Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini's evil. All dictators have very similar characteristics and Harper fits that profile to a T.

e.a.f. said...

I don't know what genetics got crossed up in harper and his herd, when they were being gestated, but lets find out and see if the mistake can be corrected. Crossing harper and his herd with something nice, like a nice gene, or an empathic gene might be good, or better yet, an honesty gene, a Canada first gene....