Friday, September 19, 2014

Stephen Harper's Insane and Deeply Disturbing Comeback Plan

In my last post I told you how Stephen Harper's obsession with destroying Justin Trudeau is slowly driving him over the deep end.

Making him believe that only by destroying Justin can he make himself popular again.

But he does have a Plan B.

And as Michael Harris reports, it's just as CRAZY.

There’s an elephant in the room: Stephen Harper’s record in office. He needs to make it disappear. He doesn’t have much time.

The political leader who endorses disrupting opponents’ political meetings but shuns reasoned debate, who won’t talk to the premiers but loved barbecues in Rob Ford’s backyard, and who puts out his own newscast but treats real journalists like Ebola carriers, is embarked on a course to make people forget the basic fact of every election — that it’s always about the government’s record.

He needs to hide his record, for obvious reasons. And rather than talk about that he would rather talk about other things, like beheadings.

There are a lot of taboo topics the PM would just as soon we forget about. Stephen Harper would rather talk about beheadings than the dead room he has made of public discourse in Canada — and his dismal record after eight years in power.

Just not the ones carried out by his friends, and fellow oil pimps, the Saudis...

Since 1985, the government of Saudi Arabia, to whom Canada sells military equipment, has executed 2,000 people — most by beheading. Many of those executed were women — and lot of those women were beheaded for witchcraft or adultery, according to The Guardian.

And in pursuit of Justin Trudeau and another majority he is apparently willing to say or do ANYTHING.

But what does Steve want to talk about most? Why, the other guys, of course, and why they’re not fit to run the country. Brian Mulroney called Tom Mulcair the best leader of the Opposition since Diefenbaker. Harper says he’s not fit to run the country because … well, because he doesn’t excel in the corporate ass-kissing department. No lip-liner for Tom. 

And Justin? Justin is a callow little defiler of young brides and his father was a slut — or at least that was the gist of Ezra Levant’s recent unhinged rant on the person the polls keep saying will be Canada’s next prime minister. As Scott Feschuk cleverly put it on Twitter, this was Ezra’s “magnus Trudeau-pus … the masterpiece Ezra has been working toward all his life: Trudeau steals a kiss.”

And one really has to wonder where that depraved leader is taking us.

If the PM gets his way, there won’t be room in the gutter by the time a titillated, misinformed and seething country makes its way to the polls like a British soccer mob after the home side loses and the pubs are closed. It’s how you make elephants disappear, don’t you know?

And the good news?

if that's Plan B he better start working on Plan C as soon as he can eh?

Because that one won't work.

He will not escape his record. 

Or his many scandals.

His crass desperation will only make him look uglier. As he crawls through the gutter...

And while I'm not sure how exactly you make an elephant disappear.

What I do know is that when those seething Canadians turn up at the polls.

They will disappear HIM...

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Anonymous said...
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Simon said...
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Simon said...

hi Con troll...did you not see this?

NOTE: To the Con troll in Port Coquitlam who has been bombarding me with foul and violent messages, that have no chance of ever being published. I'm happy to report that your vital statistics have been recorded.
Your activities have been reported. And you can shortly expect a knock on your door.

P.S. When did you move? And are you really still using Windows Vista? Doesn't that explain almost everything.

Sleep tight LOSER... :)


did a search of the IP address you posted. It appears to be from a Telus customer based in the vicinity of Burnaby, British Columbia.

%rwhois V-1.5:001ab7:00 (by Network Solutions, Inc. V-

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network:Country-Code:CA (1-604-444-5791)
network:Created:2012-11-21 (12:00:00)
network:Updated:2014-06-02 (12:00:00)


hi anon...thanks for taking the trouble to do this. I removed a couple of identifiers like the address and the postal code,but will share them with the authorities if they don't already have them. I normally wouldn't share this kind of stuff with my readers. I receive dozens of ugly messages and veiled and not so veiled death threats every month, and they are like water off a duck's back. I make a quick record of them and then delete them. But this freak's deranged scribblings remind of a crazed religious fanatic who came after me with a knife a few years ago, and was intercepted just a few houses from where I lived at the time. And so vicious is his homophobia and his misogyny I fear he might hurt or kill somebody in BC and I would never forgive myself if that happened.
So thanks again...


So as you can see Con you picked on the wrong person. I realize you are probably mentally ill, and I'm sorry if you are. But 52 visits in ONE day? I mean if I had Google ads that might be worth two cents. But I honestly believe you are a dangerous bully, a threat to people in your community and you must and will be stopped...

e.a.f. said...

Good on you Simon. Some people need to be called on for their "bad behaviour". it may well be the writer is mentally ill. However, given he is from B.C. it might be he is just one of many who spew the type of venom you do not want on your blog. The recent labour dispute between the teachers and BC. lieberals certainly brought out all sorts of vile comments. This is B.C. and it is the end of the line. We get a lot of "wac" jobs out here and some of them even call themselves politicians.

Harper wants us to "forget' his record. Can't do that. There isn't enough booze in the world for that to happen. All I need to remember is he did not treat Veterans well. The cons used the Veterans; personal medical files as "light reading" and invaded their privacy. He signed the trade agreement with China. He defunded all women's organizations in Canada when he came into office. He silenced scientists. He wouldn't meet with the premiers of the provinces. He has the RCMP, CSIS, and various other government departments spy on Canadians. he gave Vic Toewes a platform to spew his hatred. He took Canada into a war which turned out to be a very bad mistake, hello ISIL. harper refused to have a national inquiry into the missing/murdered First Nation's women. That last one is really hard for me to get over, because when even I see the question: Will I be next? I think of some of my friends. I know they are at greater risk of being murdered than I and if they were to disappear, the media would pay less attention to the case.

No I won't ever forget what harper did and it will be up to the opposition parties to keep reminding the voting public of harper and his herds actions/inactions.

Anonymous said...

hi Simon it's Sean. Are you OK? Do you think that troll could be a PMO plant trying to scare you into stopping blogging? Please take care.

Anonymous said...

Is Plan C to get his crazed representative on TV talking about Russian flights over the Arctic? Start a conflict - win an election like Maggie Thatcher? I'm an old lady somewhere in the north and I post anonymously because I haven't taken the time to do otherwise, not because I am afraid to put my name to my statements. I am so sorry Canada has turned into a country where people anonymously post hateful comments like cowards hiding in the bushes throwing rocks. Until the conservative government came to power I actually thought Canada was a tolerant, decent country, but somehow they loosed a stream of hatefulness on the rest of us.

Simon said...

Sean, my princeling my long long lost brother, how good to hear from you again. Listen don't worry a bit about me I'm just fine. Seb is the best bodyguard in the world, and as you know I can defend myself. As for whether that freak is a PMO plant, or a weed, I suppose anything is possible. Especially since some of our mutual friends in Ottawa report that the internet brigade of the Con Death Machine is in stage of extreme agitation as they prepare for the next election. But judging from the deranged scribblings of that would be bully, it's probably just a really sick person. But as you also know I don't take bullies lightly so I'm going to teach that one a lesson it will remember...

P.S. For fuck sake text me, I still have the same number. I need to know EVERYTHING you've been up to...; )

Simon said...

hi anon...I haven't the slightest doubt that Stephen Harper would LOVE a war so he can try to convince us that he is the ONLY one who can lead us in such dangerous times. When in fact he is the greatest danger this country has ever faced since der Fuhrer himself. And yes he has poisoned this country from the moment he came to power. He's turned it into a dirty vicious place and would have us all roll in the mud with him. He introduced American-style attack ads, he practices the politics of personal destruction, and is worshiped by the scum of the earth like that Con troll. Because you only have to read his filthy stuff to know that he thinks he can bully me with foul words. And the good news is, he doesn't stand a chance of a snowflake in hell. He doesn't know who he is dealing with and he will end up in a hell of his own. Because although I'm a gentler person, I'm not gentle with bullies. And the even better news? We're going to clear the whole scummy lot of them out of Ottawa and make our country clean again...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...thanks, I've worked very hard to make this blog a clean and safe place to visit, and I'm not going allow anyone to turn the comment pages into a sewer. And as for Harper trying to make us forget his record good luck with that one. The problem is that by now he has committed so many crimes against Canada that it's hard to remember them all. That's why the progressive parties need to start attacking his whole record, and we need to crank up our social media machine to help remind Canadians of what he has done....

e.a.f. said...

yes, a nice little war for harper and his herd, it might just help them keep their party together. of course if the Vets. from the last few "excursions" got out there and kept at it, it might be the end of harper and his herd.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the Con troll? I got another search result for you if you want.

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks a lot, but could you do me a favour and e-mail me any information? I will of course respect your confidentiality. I'm pretty sure we now have the right address, but I want to be absolutely sure before I take any further action....