Saturday, September 06, 2014

Stephen Harper and his Ghastly Flying Monkeys

I've been warning for a while that the number of young right-wing fanatics in the PMO War Machine had reached dangerous levels.

And that with their master Stephen Harper so desperate, some of them would eventually take wing like the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

And sure enough they have. 

And now they're out of control.

Federal Conservatives are putting a new twist on an old tactic: spying on political opponents. They're no longer content to send observers to rival parties' public events, passively monitoring proceedings in hopes of spotting a gaffe that can be exploited. They're now employing agents provocateur who actively try to instigate a miscue, secretly record it and then leak it to the media.

Because it seems they'll do ANYTHING to please their depraved leader...

And they're not sorry.

The Conservatives are making no apologies. They maintain Canadians have a right to know what Liberal MPs and candidates really think, particularly if their candid views are at odds with those of their leader, Justin Trudeau.

And what makes this sordid behaviour even more disturbing, is that it's the same kind of fanaticism that led another group of Con operatives to try to steal an election. 

And most of them haven't been caught.

So you really have to wonder what else might some of those flying Con monkeys be doing? Are they engaging in criminal activities? Are they hacking computers? Are they planning to steal the next election as well ?

Because since they obviously lack a moral compass they are capable of ANYTHING.

And Ralph Goodale is right, these covert operations have a Nixonian feel about them...

"Certainly (it indicates) a lack of moral compass and, as Mr. Nixon amply demonstrated, when that is the modus operandi of your government, it's not going to end well," he said, referring to disgraced former U.S. President Richard Nixon.

Because that's where that brutish approach to politics comes from, and it tells you a lot about the mentality of some of the young people, who betray the idealism of their generation to work for the Cons.

For here are a group of Young Republicans picketing a Democratic convention at a time when AIDS was killing tens of thousands of Americans...

And our young RepubliCon fanatics are no different, no less fanatical, or less DISGUSTING.

And the good news?

You know what happened to Nixon...

And the same thing could happen to Harper.

For their sinister activities will only make the Cons look even more sordid and dangerous. Make Great Nixon Leader even less popular.

And make Canadians even more determined to get rid of him and his filthy bully regime.

Because they will understand that a fish rots from the head down.

We'll make sure of that eh?

And that we will not be rid of those ghastly flying monkeys.

And this country will not be safe.

Until we get rid of their monstrous leader...

Gimme a bucket of water, or better still a bucket of VOTES.

And the sooner the better...

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