Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Great War on ISIS Trap

It couldn't have been a more jarring sight, or a more deeply disturbing one.

For there was Stephen Harper, back from his stunning performance as Great Mother Leader at the United Nations, where he posed as a friend of women and children, and a champion of peace.

Now in an unusually agitated state, bordering on hysteria. Rambling on about the Great War on ISIS.

Trying to make us believe that the caliphate is coming to behead us in our beds.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will not sit idly while Islamic State militants in the Middle East threaten to slaughter thousands of innocent people.

"This situation, as I've said before, with a terrorist caliphate occupying in the open a wide expanse of territory, not simply slaughtering and threatening to slaughter hundreds of thousands of people, but this phenomenon is a direct threat to the security of this country," Harper said.

And that only he can save us from this deadly threat.

"That's always how this country has handled its international responsibilities, and as long as I'm prime minister that's what we will continue to do."

In his role as a Great Strong Leader...

The one, as you can see in that photo and this one, with the Magic Finger...

When in fact ISIS is no greater threat to Canada than Al Qaeda has been, and the whole mission is a farce. The few jets and soldiers he is sending won't make a bit of difference one way or the other. They are just a way to provide the U.S. with a minimum of diplomatic cover, and make him look tough.

Harper is just playing politics.

And the real threat to Canada is his continuing contempt for democracy. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s contempt for Parliament and the Canadian public has rarely been more apparent. As he quietly commits the country to a growing war against the Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria, he has yet to brief the Commons in any meaningful way, hold a debate on his plans or allow a vote.

As the war escalates, the NDP and Liberals are no longer talking about “mission creep.” They are now worried about “mission leap.” It has been weeks since Harper announced — not in Parliament, but at a NATO summit in Wales — that Canada was sending advisers to Iraq. That’s ample time to come clean with Canadians on what else he has in mind. Yet we’re still waiting for the fog to lift.

As well as the real danger that he could use that fog him and his Cons are blowing out of their rear orifices, to lead the opposition into a trap, where they end up on the wrong side of public opinion. 

Fifty-four per cent of Canadians support sending the troops to support the 10-nation NATO effort to combat the Islamic State, even though more than 80 per cent expect there will be casualties, according to a poll conducted by Forum Research. 

“They’re thinking that (the Islamic State) is a threat to Canada and on those grounds they’re in,” said Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff.

And he could claim that the Liberals and the NDP are not serious about protecting Canadians in their beds. 

Use fear to stoke hysteria, and force his sinister surveillance bills through parliament. 

And even use the Great War on ISIS to trigger a snap election.

Because as you know he's desperate to avoid the Duffy trial...

A war would be most convenient, a great distraction. And a terrorist attack on Canada to stampede the population would be a gift from heaven.

But of course to win the election he also has to soften up his image, which is why he is also posing as Great Mother Leader.

And when you combine both campaigns you get this ridiculous handout from the PMO...

Which somehow manages to make an announcement about helping the women and children of the world, look sinister.

Is clearly designed to make him look like a strong compassionate leader in a darkening world.

And tells us all we need to know about him and his ghastly Con regime.

He may be wounded. He may be the leader of a tired and corrupt government.

But he is looking for a wedge issue, the crazies from ISIS make great villains, he will try to scare Canadians, and use war for crass political purposes.

So the opposition will have to tread lightly, and make sure they don't fall into a trap. 

Because as he fights for his political life the beast in him is sure to reveal its ugly head again and again, and make him capable of ANYTHING.

He's never been so desperate.

And never so DANGEROUS...

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David said...

But it would be naive to think a terrorist attack could never happen on Canadian soil. Today on CTV's Question Period, reporter Robert Fife mentioned that young Muslims in Canada are being wooed to join terrorist groups via the Internet and other means. Liberal MP Marc Garneau told Fife that the Liberals are opposed to any airstrikes over Iraq using Canadian fighter jets. But NDP MP Jack Harris hedged and said we have to wait and see what Harper puts forward in the House, where it should be debated and then put to a vote.

Anonymous said...

Harper is the worst terrorist Canada, has ever known. As of Oct 1st, Harper has sold Canada to Communist China. We know of China mowing their students down, with machine gun fire. China has done much worse than that. Now the Chinese people are rebelling against China's evil government. Canadians should be rebelling against Harper's evil government too. Both Communist China and Harper are evil dictators I am very afraid for those Chinese rebelling. these days too.

To me, Harper was shamed into fighting ISIS. Harper didn't even want to pay his obligation to NATO.

Harper rips into Russia for, the annexing of the Crimea and the Ukraine issue. Harper says absolutely nothing regarding Communist China, doing the exact same damned thing. I don't see Harper any better than Putin. Scores of Canadians do not want Communist China, on our Canadian soil, what-so-ever. Harper is a traitor doing acts of treason to Canada.

It is even very clear to the rest of the world too? Harper only does, what benefits Harper. He stirred up all of the trouble with Putin. Harper wants to sell his fossil fuels to Europe instead of Putin. Same with the European deal? The Europeans will be permitted into Canada, to take Canadian jobs too.

Make no mistake? Harper is one evil s.o.b.

Lulymay said...

The single largest identifiable group of unemployed in Canada are young males between the age of 18 and 30, and our 'smartest guys in the room' ponder their navels wondering why anyone could woo them to join terrorist groups? This has been going on for some time now. Don't you think even the smallest pea brain would begin to ask themselves this: in reality what options are available to this lost generation?

David said...

If even half the 18 to 30 year-olds in this country got off their butts and voted in next year's election, the Cons will lose by a landslide.

e.a.f. said...

David, great suggestion and oh so true.

So "great leader" thinks ISIS could come over to Canada does he? Well its like this stevie. those trucks they roll around in, don't do oceans. They may think they are the second coming of god, but they still can't walk or drive on water.

Maternal health, well I've got a news flash for stevie, getting murdered is so oh so bad for your maternal health and having your daughter murder is oh so bad for your maternal health. We have a maternal health crisis in Canada, its the murder of 1,200 First Nations women. If harper and his herd don't want to call a national enquiry into the murdered/missing First Nations women then perhaps he could call a national inquiry and call it a maternal health inquiry for First Nations women.

Stevie's little rant about protecting us from ISIS was most likely just to set up his stooge who appeared with Robert Fife, going on about how they were going to track Canadians leaving the country, to ensure they weren't going to fight for ISIS. Just another method of "tracking" all Canadians and once again diminishing our democratic rights. Oh, when will this man ever leave this country alone and let it get on with being Canada again.

Simon said...

Hi David....I'm not saying that a terrorist attack couldn't happen here. But in the 13 years since 9/11 and despite our military campaign in Afghanistan, all the plots were discovered and all the would be terrorists arrested before they could do any harm. And since our intelligence capabilities have increased considerably there is no reason that successful record can't continue.
But it also must be said that by mouthing off incessantly at ISIS, just to win votes at home, Harper is increasing the chances some crazies might attack us, NOT making us safer.
But yes, more young people do need to vote. And the political parties need to do more to speak to their concerns and give them a reason to vote. But I learned some things about motivating young voters during the Scottish referendum, so while I was only able to herd six of them to the polls last time, I'm expecting to deliver at least FIFTY next time !!!!! ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....ISIS without the support it gets from Sunni tribes is nothing but a ragged band of religious fanatics, psychopaths and thieves. I've read they spend almost all their spare time, when they're not beheading people or slaughtering the innocent, stealing stuff. So if their stolen tanks and heavy artillery are destroyed, as well as their money making oil fields, and the massive Iraqi army can be persuaded to fight instead of run, it shouldn't be a huge problem getting rid of most of them.
And yes, if we don't watch out Harper will blow up the threat like a balloon, and use it to turn us into a police state....

Anonymous said...

No wonder they are out of a job you would have to be the dumbest people on the planet to believe this crap and fake terror for power . Who do you think funded and started them ? UK, USA , For proxy wars , Go to Nodisinfo if you want to see where the videos came from . They are so fake even a 2yr old blind kid could see it . Its called gollywood . Then look up Sandy Hook actors on you tube that should wake you up .

e.a.f. said...

today the government wrings their hands about young people joining an Islamic terrorist group. Back in the 60's and 70's it was young people joining other types of religious cults or do some forget Jonestown. Every once in awhile we get cults, some big, some small. In this case we found a P.M. who decided to make it a political foot ball. We even have one of the old boy's stoogies talking about "tracking" young people leaving Canada. The cabinet minister couldn't even explain how it was going to work, just more blather about other countries being included. This ought to be really good, can't wait until some "other country" arrests and tortures young Canadians for travelling abroad. Oh, god, lets return to some level of democracy in Canada and leave the "survailence" state to some one else.