Friday, November 12, 2010

Stephen Harper's Outrageous Assault on Parliament

He has shut our Parliament down. He has debased it with his bully boy tactics. And now he is threatening to simply ignore it.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he doesn't need the approval of Parliament to deploy nearly 1,000 military trainers to Afghanistan for three years because the mission won't involve combat.

And lying through his teeth.

In a recent interview with Maclean's magazine, retired general Rick Hillier said: "You can come up with all kinds of schemes to hide away in camp and train people for the Afghan army, but they lack credibility.

"If you try to help train and develop the Afghan army … you are going to be in combat."

So why is he doing this? Answer: because he knows the Liberals are divided and he can play them like suckers.

Mr. Harper has been under intense pressure from Canada’s NATO allies, ahead of the alliance’s summit in Lisbon this month, to keep some kind of presence in Afghanistan. This obvious flip-flop should provide a stockpile of ammunition for the Opposition. It would, were it not for the fact that the Liberals have already indicated their support for a continued training mission.

So instead of respecting the supremacy of Parliament, or respecting the wishes of the Canadian people, the Liberals now find themselves siding with Harper and providing him with political cover.

How dumb can you be?

Enough is ENOUGH. If Canadian soldiers are going to spend three more years fighting and dying in Afghanistan, it requires a vote in Parliament. Period

And if Bob Rae thinks that selling his new book Exporting Democracy is more important than defending democracy at home.

“Whether there's a parliamentary resolution is not a matter of law (or even custom) but a choice of the government,” Mr. Rae said. “In the current circumstance I fully understand the government's decision.”

He should resign or complete his tortured political journey by joining the Cons. The shabby old stooge.

And of course, the same thing goes for Ignatieff himself. The blithering idiot.

If we allow Harper to get away with this ultimate gesture of contempt, we will be nothing more than a Banana Republic.

"My position is that if you're going to put troops into combat, into a war situation, I do think for the sake of legitimacy, I do think the government does require the support of Parliament," said Harper

"But when we're talking simply about technical or training missions, I think that is something the executive can do on its own."

With a President or Chief Executive instead of a Prime Minister.

Our troops deserve better. And so does our country. 

The stakes have never been higher. If it takes an election to save democracy in Canada.

And put that tinpot dictator in his place.

I say bring it on NOW...


Brian Philcox said...

PM Harper has decided to break another promise and will, on his own, decide to keep our troops in harms way in Afghanistan. To call this second extension of this mission a training program is sophistry at best and a craven lie at worst. There is no positive outcome for any foreign troops in that theatre.

How long will the Liberal party keep knuckling under to this reactionary megalomaniac?

Why should anyone continue to support the Liberal party when you and your colleagues in the house are not exposing Harper for the self-serving manipulator that he is?

Brian Philcox
RCN (Ret'd) O58838

CanNurse said...

Thank you for this, Simon. And thank you especially for mentioning the Liberals role in this, with their backroom "deal" to support the Cons on this - effectively shutting down democracy. I also want to thank Brian for his letter. I have just sent a very angry letter to the Liberal party as well. I hope a LOT of people write to them & tell them that their actions are undemocratic and that they have lost votes because of this continuous support of the NeoCons, while Canadians die and Canada itself becomes critically wounded.

Simon said...

hi Brian...I share your anger and your frustration. It drives me bonkers to see how Stephen Harper is able to break him promises, lie like a thief, and get away with it over and over again. We could stay another fifty years in Afghanistan and never get anywhere. But Harper doesn't care because he's only playing cheap politics. The worst part? Until we can form a coalition, or unite, or create a new party we aren't going anywhere

Simon said...

hi CanNurse...I have always distrusted Bob Rae, just like I can't stand that other right-wing Liberal Manley. who let's not forget was the one responsible for extending the mission. As you know it pains me to criticize any progressives, because I'm always hoping we can form a coalition. But what else can I do when the Liberals play into Harper's hands so blindly? If I didn't hate Harper and his thugs so much I'd be tempted to give up. But of course I won't... :)