Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It Gets Better But Not in Harper's Canada

In the United States Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have contributed to Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project.

And now in Canada so has Michael Ignatieff.

And in both official languages too. Good for him.

So now I wonder what are the chances of Stephen Harper recording a similar message?

And the answer is none at all. How could he? When he is the Bully in Chief who along with his Con thugs brought bullying to our Parliament.

And has done nothing to fight homophobia, or protect our most vulnerable citizens, even though we have a crisis in our schools. 

Two-thirds of LGBTQ students said they felt unsafe at school. More than half have been verbally harassed about their sexual orientation while 21 per cent have been physically harassed or assaulted. Forty-five per cent of youth with LGBTQ parents have been sexually harassed at school and over a quarter have been physically harassed or assaulted about their parents as well as their own perceived sexual orientation or gender identity because of their parents.

And even after they leave school, gay people are being attacked all over the country, hurt. crippled, and even burned out of their homes.

Instead to appease his bloodthirsty Christianist base he orders his minions to deny funding to any gay organization, and by so doing sends out the crude message that gays and lesbians are second-class citizens. Which only makes a bad situation WORSE.

And if gay people don't like it, they can always become straight. Because Stephen Harper, like the crazy Christianists in the United States, believes they CHOOSE to be gay.

Oh yeah. I'm not holding my breath waiting for that horrible man to do the right and decent thing. Because he depends on bigotry to keep him in power. And is probably hoping that a little homophobia can help get him his precious majority.

So even if Harper did make a It Gets Better Video, I'd probably be so shocked and disgusted I'd vomit.It would be like Dracula doing an ad for the blood bank.

Because he can't fool me, like he fools so many others.  

I know where him and his bully Cons are coming from. 

And if they ever got a majority, it wouldn't get better for bullied kids.

It would get even WORSE...


ck said...

Good on Iggy to be participating in the "It gets better campaign". I hope Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe and Lizzie May participate in some way as well.

Liked your video compilation of Stevie spiteful the homophobe, complete with Tom Lukiewski (spelling?) with that cheesy moustache. After seeing & hearing him during his youth right there, how much does anyone wanna bet that he probably passed around the clap during his hay day??

Simon said...

hi ck...yes I thought Iggy did a good job, and although I have my disagreements with him over a few things, he has always been very good on gay rights.
As for the Con homophobes, I've been meaning to redo and improve that video. But every time I look at it, I figure it says enough...