Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Rob Ford and the Flying Ghost

Well as you can imagine, I didn't have a very good Halloween.

How are you supposed to scare anyone eh? When you're living in Rob Ford's Toronto. We're heading for four years of class warfare. 

Each of these policies on their own are enough to justify months of strikes. It has been said that “four years of turbulence” is what’s upon us now. I say “four years of class war” is probably a more accurate designation.

Stumbling on John Cartwright, from the Toronto & York Region Labour Council this past Wednesday I asked him what labour’s response to Ford would be. He said: “We’ll do to him what the Republicans are doing to Obama.”

And the mood in my neck of the woods is similar to the one in Pooh's little neighbourhood...

Because they all voted for Joe Pantalone. And he came LAST. The idiots.

And to make matters worse, even my dog was depressed. 

Because he didn't have the fancy costume the dog next door had.

Until I told him WHAT ? !!!! You want to look like  Lawrence Cannon?

And then he felt better. Because ANYTHING is better than that.

Except of course HIM.

Oh well. I'm hoping that next Halloween will be better eh? By that time Rob Ford will probably be back in Florida, after one drunken episode too many. And failing to report that he can't count.

Lawrence Cannon should be tap dancing for quarters or metro tickets in front of some sleazy nightclub in Montreal.

Stephen Harper should be under arrest for war crimes and/or posing as an economist.

And whatever happens I'm building myself one of these...

OK. OK. I'm sorry. I was just having a little fun. I forgot I live in Canada.

But if I could put Stephen Harper's mask on it, and make it squeal like Rob Ford.

Who ate my gravy !!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!

I bet it would be REALLY scary...

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