Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fighting the Bullies: Here Come the Canadians !!!

When Dan Savage launched his It Gets Better campaign I have to admit I had mixed emotions.

On the one hand I was crazy happy that the issue of bullying was getting so much media coverage in the United States.

But on the other hand I felt sad, because there was nothing for our Canadian children.

Once again they had been forgotten. 

Even though their suffering is so great.

High schools are "the land that time forgot" in the ongoing battle to eradicate homophobia, laments University of Winnipeg education and communications Prof. Catherine Taylor.

"Kids are being tormented and terrorized, and very little is being done about it," she said.

But now I'm feeling so much better.

Because here come the Canadians !!!

And I'm proud too. Because I thought this YouTube was AWESOME. As good or better than any I have seen.

Now as I always say, telling kids that it will get better isn't enough. We have to tell them we're going to make it get better NOW.

By going after the bullies and their adult enablers, and showing them no mercy. 

But this is a great new beginning.

Our poor Canadian children aren't forgotten anymore.

And I'm so grateful...


Beijing York said...

The "It Gets Better Canada" video is brilliant. It looks like an award winning short documentary. Kudos to Rick Mercer et al for a fantastic job.

Simon said...

hi was worth the wait wasn't it? And to think I used to think I was the only one speaking out about bullies. It's definitely a humbling experience. But I'll take it anyway... ;)