Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fighting Bullying With Babies

I have to admit that babies terrify me eh? 

I can make all the funny faces in the world, or go kootchy kootchy koo, or even stand on my head.

But all I ever get from them is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

And I can never forget taking my brother's kids out in their prams, and having to stop every five minutes to make sure they were still breathing. *Gasp*

But if they can help stop bullying, I'm willing to forgive them EVERYTHING.

The results can be dramatic. In a study of first- to third-grade classrooms, Schonert-Reichl focused on the subset of kids who exhibited “proactive aggression” – the deliberate and cold-blooded aggression of bullies who prey on vulnerable kids. Of those who participated in the Roots program, 88 percent decreased this form of behavior over the school year, while in the control group, only 9 percent did, and many actually increased it. Schonert-Reichl has reproduced these findings with fourth to seventh grade children in a randomized controlled trial. She also found that Roots produced significant drops in “relational aggression” – things like gossiping, excluding others, and backstabbing.

Because in this increasingly cruel world we can't get enough empathy. And the fact that this project is based in Toronto.

Makes me proud to be Canadian.

And that's not all. I have MORE good news.

You know that truly terrifying stage in life known as the Terrible Twos? *Shudder*

If my brother and his wife do decide to have any more kids.

Now I'll know how to deal with them...and avoid being totally TRAUMATIZED.

Just play some Bob Marley...

Because forget about the legalizing marijuana part eh?

That's just to make me happy.

But to try to make a kinder, gentler, more loving world for everyone.

I'm willing to try ANYTHING...

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