Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Tomorrow Must be Better

It's getting dark so early. If it wasn't so beautiful, I wouldn't recognize the country I'm living in.

My beautiful companion Sébastien is in Haiti where terrible things are happening.

I can only imagine how sad he must feel, seeing the poor people he loves suffering so much. Again.

But I'm not there, so I can't console him.

In Argentina, the bastard butcher Emilio Massera died this week.

As head of the navy, he was also in control of the prison camp at ESMA in Buenos Aires. The admiral visited the camp often, overseeing torture, which included rape. The military tortured most of its prisoners and dumped them, dead or alive, into the River Plate from airplanes.

And I just finished reading the story of the young woman who gave birth in his house of horror, after being brutally tortured for weeks. And how she pierced the ear of her newborn so she could recognize her stolen baby one day

But his henchmen murdered her, the baby had no mother, and for him there was no justice.

And speaking of sorrow, in Poland Henryk Górecki died today. No, Mother, do not weep.

The obituaries in Polish newspapers today mention something Gorecki once told an interviewer: “Before I die, I want to know what music is.”

Because when they play your music at Auschwitz to remember all its victims, what more can you ask for ?

And finally wouldn't you know it eh? Lou Reed gave in and allowed Susan Boyle to sing Perfect Day.

She shot the video on a gloomy day in the humble little place I came from.

And it never looked more beautiful.

Oh yes. It has been a gloomy week.

But tomorrow must be better...


P.S. I don't ever ask people to contribute to any group, because I don't want to make poor people feel guilty, and there are so many good relief organizations. But if you can help the suffering people of Haiti, and you don't have a favourite group, this is a good one. 

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