Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now That It's Official:The G20 Never Happened

And the guilty will never be punished.

“Just to know that they can say ‘Yes, we know this happened, but there’s nothing we can do about it,’ ” he said.

“If they can’t do anything about it, Who can?”

I've been reading about the student protests in  Britain.

Amid more than a dozen protests, estimated by some to involve up to 130,000 students, there were isolated incidents of violence and skirmishes with police, mostly in central London.

The police tactic of penning students into a so-called kettle near Parliament Square for several hours caused anger, but appeared to contain the disorder.

And finding it all very familiar.

Critics have accused the police of using disproportionate tactics against student protesters, with particular concern over the use of kettling against young children and teenagers. A sizeable number of the crowd in central London were secondary school children, and although some were involved in violent acts against an abandoned police vehicle and a nearby bus stop, the majority remained peaceful.

You know I'd like to think that in a country where young men are the new face of poverty.

And seniors are being squeezed.

And more people than ever are hungry.

That when the Harper Cons begin swinging the axe, like they surely will. We will do like the British kids are doing, and rise up in protest.

But then I think how could that happen eh? When we live in Canada. 

Where governments get away with EVERYTHING.

Civil liberties are disposable.

The guilty are never punished.

And this never happened...

Here's to justice in Canada.

And the children's REVOLUTION...

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