Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Harper Changed his Mind on Afghanistan

Just when you think Stephen Harper can't go any lower. He does.

Not much threatens Conservatives more than essentially one-on-one battles with Liberals in the Ontario political heartland. No solution is more immediately appealing than giving the NDP a timely boost.

While no strategy ever fully survives contact with the enemy — the Bloc will use the extended mission to its advantage in war-weary Quebec and a stronger NDP could hurt Conservatives in battleground BC — Harper has scored two tactical victories. He neutralized any Liberal advantage in outflanking Conservatives on a post-combat Afghanistan policy and then widened the all-important fissure to his party’s ideological left.

I thought he had just folded after being pressured by our so-called allies. But this is worse. He's broken his promise, he's castrated Parliament.

But what kind of Prime Minister plays politics with the lives of our troops? The scumbag.

What kind of Opposition Leader provides him with the political cover to destroy his own party?

Fortunately for Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff made that easy earlier this summer. By endorsing an Afghanistan transition from combat to training Ignatieff handed Harper the opportunity he seized this week.

The idiot.

Why  can't we understand that united we are strong and divided we can't win?

Oh boy. Weep for our lost country.

Weep for our troops.

And then work even harder to form a mighty coalition. So we can pull our troops out of Afghanistan

And win our country back...

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