Monday, November 08, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Stephen Harper

OMG. Get me a magnifying glass. How low can Stephen Harper sink shrink?

Bowing to intense pressure from the United States and other allies, the Harper government now acknowledges that hundreds of Canadian troops could remain in Afghanistan years after its long and bloody combat mission officially ends in 2011.

He promised over and over again we'd be out of there, and now he's caving in at the last moment, because he wants the allies to show him a little respect?

Instead of laughing at him like they did the other day. When posing as an economist, he tried to lecture the other members of the G20 on how to balance their books. 

While running the biggest deficit in Canadian history, and spending money like a drunken  sailor.

Or told the Chinese they should follow his instructions on free trade. After blocking the  Potash sale.... for thirteen seats in Saskatchewan.

Gosh. The rest of the world hasn't laughed that hard, since they gave him a slap in the face at the United Nations.

In fact, I hear the Chinese were so impressed by his diplomatic begging skills, and all the riot police at the G20, they're giving him a panda AND a legacy

What’s really important is this: after five years, Stephen Harper finally has a legacy. He didn’t cut wait times or create those child-care spaces he promised. He didn’t balance the budget or protect the environment or smile without physical effort. But he did send half his cabinet around the world to beg for 600 lb. of panda bear for zoo visitors to enjoy and, presumably, Peter MacKay to wrestle late one night to impress a girl.

Although to be fair eh? That was BEFORE Peter MacKay rolled over on his stomach, to pleasure our NATO allies, and try to impress his boss.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Ottawa is looking at the possibility of keeping a significant number of soldiers “behind the wire” in the war-torn country to help train the Afghan army and local police.

By trying to get him a little respect, and trying fool us into thinking that wouldn't be a combat mission. And that Kabul is a safe place.


Just like Harper can't tell us Canada's BACK !!! Not when we're going backwards.

The good news? If Harper keeps on shrinking, by the time Spring arrives he'll be so diminished we'll be able to put him in a small cardbox box, and mail him back to Alberta where he came from.

Before even more Canadian soldiers come home in coffins.

Stephen Harper a strong leader?

Don't make me VOMIT....


Unknown said...

and yet we are writing away about trees & the beauty of the woods as a therapy for our tired souls yearning for world peace...

Simon said...

hi Smita...I like to write poems too. Very humble ones. But as the quote from Berthold Brecht says in the sidebar of my blog, how can you do that when the woods are burning?