Monday, November 29, 2010

The Con Stooge and the Child Prisoners

Lawrence Cannon has a lot of bad days eh? But some are worse than others. The horror. The humiiation.

First he rushes out to say that the Harper Cons aren't worried at all about what the Americans might have said about them in the Wikileak cables.

Cannon stood before reporters Monday to condemn the unauthorized release of a quarter-million diplomatic cables, while vowing that none of them relating to Canada would be outrageous enough to damage what he called one of the best relationships in the world.

Shorter version: They can screw us, but we'll still blow them. Because of course that's Harper's "independent" foreign policy. They lead, we follow... on everything from climate change to Afghanistan.

Which was bad enough eh? 

But what really shocked me was how after licking his lips so lasciviously, the shambling stooge had nerve to rise in the Commons and announce that his lips were now SEALED.

The Bloc leader rose to twice directly ask the Foreign Affairs Minister—”oui ou non?”—whether Canada had indeed transferred children to the Afghan intelligence service. Twice Mr. Cannon thus stood and notably avoided offering anything like a direct response.

So we still don't know what happened to those child prisoners. Or whether we handed them over to the Afghan police rapists, or the National Directorate of Security torturers.

"The use of harsh interrogation techniques [on children] and forced confession of guilt by the Afghan National Police and the National Directorate of Security was documented," according to the UN report. The report is silent on which countries detained those children.

Or whether we've been violating international law. Again.

"International law is dead clear that when a person is under 18 and in the hands of the Canadian military...You can't treat them like an insurgent. You have to treat them as a child who's been forced into war against their will."

Or why we're staying on in Afghanistan except to keep on blowing the Americans. And following them to moral ruin.

Oh boy. Lawrence Cannon says his lips are sealed. 

But I know a Con sucker stooge dancing dog when I see one....

They lead, we follow.

The horror. The humiliation.

Dear Santa, forget those new skates eh?

I  just want my country back...

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