Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monsieur Bonhomme Goes to Ottawa

Sometimes a picture tells a story...

Sometimes it sends a message. Sometimes it's just ironic.

A snowman dancing in Great Oil Pimp Leader's  office, only a few days after the Con goons in the Senate crushed the Climate Change bill.

You can't buy that kind of publicity eh? 

But of course Monsieur Bonhomme's visit to Ottawa is not all good news. No doubt he was also conveying a message from Quebec City's Mayor Regis The Bombe Labeaume...

Or ELSE !!!!!

“The Conservative Party is gambling on its future in Quebec City,” Marc Simoneau, a city councillor in Quebec who is part of Mr. Labeaume’s municipal party, said in a radio interview. “… It would be the end of the Conservatives in the Quebec region. It’s clear they would be cleaned out in the next election. This is a political file above all else.”

And since they don't call Labeaume The Bombe for nothing. 

And you know what he had to say about the last guy who got in the way of his grandiose plans:

"I want him to bleed, to cry..."

And since the Cons can't pony up any dough after shafting Edmonton's plans to host Expo 2017, this is sure to end BADLY. One way or the other.

Gosh. It's so hard to be a progressive these days. These are truly the dark days of Movember.

But when I think of all the above. Ka Bombe !!!!

And I think of Stephen Harper and his Cons melting like snowmen in Quebec.

And I play my PVC pipe instrument.

I find it really HELPS... 

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