Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home is Where Freedom Lives

When I was a boy in Scotland I used to think about how big and free Canada must be.

But now that I see how Stephen Harper is making a mockery out of democracy.

That the Prime Minister would, even indirectly, cooperate with anyone so treasonous as to show callous disregard for the lives of Canadian servicemen and women seems preposterous. Even that he would be comfortable finding himself in agreement with such scoundrels on something as important as the deployment of Canadian troops into a war zone seems beyond the realm of belief.

Or perhaps the lesson here—the moral of this story, the message of this week, the theme of these last five years—is that it is counterproductive to place much more than passing importance on the words that come from the mouths of this government.

And how we can't do anything about it.  Even as the country becomes a prison nation.

I change my mind. 

I'm starting to miss Scotland.

And this doesn't help...

Oh sure. It's just a small country. But it's a progressive one. 

University education is free. Hope still lives.

And of course freedom is EVERYTHING...


Anonymous said...

sedum13 here

You take solace in the fact that at least you have a place to go in case of total collapse.

My roots are by the railroad tracks in the slums of west Toronto in the worst of the depression.

If it weren't for a daily dose of re re reruns of "Corner Gas" and "The Big Bang Theory" I'd have little incentive to drag this old frame out of bed, other than being joyfully shlepped around by my two pups. ;O)


Simon said...

hi sedum 13...although I love Scotland I would never leave this country no matter what happens. My bloody highland traditions do not allow me to leave the scene of a good fight... :)
I do admit however that I have been a bit depressed, and this post is a result.
However your comment cheered me up...the part about the two pups...and I have vowed to stop moping and go after the Cons and other scum harder than ever.
I have to before Sebastien gets back from Haiti, and slaps me into action... ;)