Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rosie DiManno and the Metrosexual Mission

Oh no. This is THE END. Rosie DiManno thinks our new mission in Kabul is going to turn our macho military into latte-sipping metrosexuals.

For Canadian combat troops and their support divisions in Kandahar, these past six years, Kabul was that mile-high mirage in the distant rear, redoubt of bureaucrats, la-la DMZ for pretend soldiers. Not one I ever met pined to be posted there. Even those sickened of life outside-the-wire, the perilous patrols and wearying village shuras, had no stomach for a politically massaged Kabul assignment.

In the pecking order of combat virility, even deployment as force protection for Canada's Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar city was viewed dimly: that place with the pool, surf and turf dinners and circle-the-wagon ramparts.

As for Canadian soldiers turned into military metrosexuals: They make a nice latte in Kabul, guys.

OMG.Can you believe it? Rosie the Riveter? Once she celebrated the smell of musk in the morning. And all that sweaty manly manliness. Now she's calling them wimps. Golly. If that doesn't demoralize the troops, I don't know what will.

How could she? Does she really think that teaching Afghans to kill is easy ????

Doesn't she understand how easy it is to break a nail on a blackboard?

Doesn't she know that just getting to the office surf and turf restaurant in Kabul can be really challenging ????

Oh well. At least now we're getting a vote in Parliament.

And maybe we might have a debate. And maybe someone might ask why are we going to be spending $500-million a year, sipping lattes, and teaching Afghans to kill?

When we could be in a place much closer to home, helping these desperate people.

But then I guess Rosie would find that even less manly manly.

Onward to Kabul.


Oh what a lovely war....


Anonymous said...


You've got to realize Simon, that there are two Rosies. One that is relatively nice and one that is not at all nice.

I've found that the simple solution is to ignore both as it's difficult to know which one has the scent and which one has the stench, until it's too late.

Simon said...

hi Sedum13...yes you're right. She's a good writer, and her lurid crime reports used to enthrall me. But like Blatchford she goes off the deep end when it comes to Afghanistan. Anyone who spends time with our troops in that hellish place naturally bonds with them to some degree or another. But the problem is she's not there to give us warm fuzzy feelings,or make us smell the musk...and the the back of an APC. She and the others in the chickenhawk brigade should be trying to give us the big picture, help Canadians understand what the fuck is going on there, so we can have an educated democratic debate. But they don't. And we wander blindly on...