Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Angry Birds and the Minister's Coat

I rather like the i-pod game the Angry Birds. Where the chickens go after the pigs.

I reminds me of Stephen Harper's Canada . Except that in the game, the birds usually win.

And I must say this is one of the best representations of the Middle East Peace talks I have ever seen...

But before you laugh eh? Look what these Cons have done to our Parliament.

“Mr. Speaker, a Conservative minister attempted to extort a $5,400 designer coat from a contractor,” she cried. “A Conservative riding association president demanded a fundraiser in exchange for a public works contract. A Conservative Senate staffer promised a public works contract in exchange for money, and a Conservative lobbyist has been doling out cash around the party.”

“When,” she begged, “will the Prime Minister hand the minister his designer coat and show him the door?”

In a country where so many are hungry.

Oh boy. When will the pigs be defeated? When will the birds get angry?

When can we have an election?

Because it can't come soon enough...

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