Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Teabaggers

I could say a lot about last night's teabagger tidal wave, about the madness and the racism.

But right now all I want to say is that this right-wing freak is the new governor of Florida.

Despite his sordid background.

Scott's victory came despite relentless attacks from Sink over massive fraud at the hospital chain Scott founded, which led to his ouster and the company's payment of a record $1.7 billion fine. His supporters overlooked that history, accepting Scott's promise that he was guilty of no wrongdoing other than his failure to hire more auditors.

Scott was ousted by Columbia/HCA's board in 1997, days after FBI agents served warrants to search company facilities in six states and federal officials warned executives could face criminal charges.

You know...the guy who financed these ads...

And as if that wasn't bad enough,  in Louisiana David Vitter was re-elected to another term in the Senate.

Despite his sordid record...

A Senator who paid hookers to dress him up in diapers, while attacking gay people in the name of "family values" is re-elected.

Oh boy. What more can you say eh?

Except that Stephen Harper and his foul Cons are Canada's teabaggers.

Harper wants to kill medicare more than he wants to do ANYTHING.

Obama was too soft on these evil reactionaries, and we cannot afford to make the same mistake.

They say it’s time to sell off and privatize schools, hospitals and public services. We should say there are some important things best done together – like good public education for our kids and good health care no matter how big your wallet is.

The United States is a corrupt and dying nation, Canada must LIVE.

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them win....

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