Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fantino, the Cats, and the Crows

Well I see Julian Fantino managed to win himself a seat in Parliament. Barely.

The Liberals picked up a seat. And the NDP got nothing.

So does that  mean that Stephen Harper will use the by election as a springboard for his thousand year majority?

I doubt it. Because if he's going to get that majority he needs the NDP to squeeze the Liberals. Not the other way around. 

Oh well. Fantino: Where's my LANDSLIDE? @#$@! 

Harper: Where's my MAJORITY !@#%!.


Meanwhile...in a far more captivating cativating contest.

The felinos took on the felinos.

And the crows joined in...

So what has that cat/crow fight got to do with tonight's electoral contest ? Apart from the fact that nobody really won.

Oh nothing.

But at least it was interesting...

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