Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Homophobe and the Baseball Bat

Who said there wasn't some good news to come out of last night's horror show in the United States?

Remember Carl Paladino, the teabagger candidate for Governor of New York? The homophobic zombie who declared that the "gay lifestyle was not valid."

Well I'm happy to report that he got clobbered by the Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo.

In his victory speech, Cuomo took shots at Paladino and his Tea Party backing, saying: "They were trying to exploit the fear. They were trying to exploit the anger."

"The people of this state today said you're not going to divide us," Cuomo said. "You can try it somewhere else, but you're not going to sell that in New York."

And went out like a thug...

Golly. Who knew zombies carried orange baseball bats?

Next stop The Sopranos.



  1. It's always a relief to seem rationality prevail in the Excited States. Still, the Reform party started slowly and look where they are now. To our friends to the South, do not underestimate Koch Industries.

  2. Lots of scary Tea Party esque things happened in the US yesterday; there were pockets of really good news, and this was definitely a highlight!

  3. hi Beijing...watching that map turn red last night made me feel physically ill. But when I saw a bit of blue pop up it cheered me immensely, and I never felt so glad and proud to belong to the progressive family.
    And Andrew Cuomo's victory speech was awesome. When I heard him talk about fighting fear with hope, and I heard him talk about COMMUNITY I could feel the hair on the back of my neck standing on end.So now that I've recovered, I'm ready to fight them for a hundred years more...

    P.S. I love New York !!! :)

  4. hi Brahm...yes I think pockets is the right word. ;)
    But having Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman lose after spending gazillions of dollars is worth a lot of consolation...