Thursday, November 25, 2010

Michael Coren and the Bullied Kids

I'm not exactly Michael Coren's biggest fan eh? When I look at him, and hear him hiss, through the large gap in his front teeth, he reminds me of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

Crawling around on his belly desperately looking for a ring an audience. Scary.

When I hear his plummy English, it offends my ears so much I must struggle to suppress the burning desire to scream: "STFU you limey bastard!!!!!!"

And of course I hate his homophobia.

In the clip, Mercer describes a school pic in which he's staring at another boy in his class: "I can remember, in Grade 3, being gay." To this innocent admission Coren snears: Mercer is "pathetic." How is his crush on a boy any different than any other student in the class, asks a clueless Coren. To the guy who once said gay marriage is "Canada's biggest mistake," the only difference is in our heads:

"We always treat gay people like children; their jokes have to be funny. Why can't we treat everyone in the same way for goodness' sakes."

Not just because it's so clammy, and icky, and old, and WEIRD.  But also because it seems to be compulsive.

In response to a 1994 interview question about AIDS he responded:

"Look, people are dying all over. When it was blacks in Africa dying of AIDS, no one gave a toss. Nobody gave a toss. Suddenly, it's middleclass men in California and everyone goes crazy about it. It's a double standard. I'm trying to provoke people into rethinking comfortable points of view."

It just goes on and on and on. And still he dares ask this question: 

Why is it that the love that dare not speak its name will not now shut up?

When the answer is so OBVIOUS. Because of homophobes like him, who would criticize an anti-bullying project, that's trying to stop kids from KILLING themselves. The limey slimy bastard. The nasty little gollum.

The good news? The way Cora's career is heading he'll soon be reduced to standing on top of a tall building with a megaphone, screaming hissing in all directions. "My pretties, my pretties where are you my PRECIOUSSSSSSSS?

Rick Mercer gets the last laugh:

"This is a perfect example of how it gets better, as I might have once let someone like Coren get to me, but now it doesn't affect me one bit," he responds. "I know the type of homosexual he likes: one in the Conservative party who does what they're supposed to do."

And best of all, the message of tolerance is spreading:

xZak777x: Whoa! Rick Mercer is gay!? That's so cool! :D

awagamgnalaw: holy cow Rick Mercer? that's amazing.

subinense: I didn't know Rick Mercer was gay !!! I think I was living under a rock (or in Qu├ębec) He's my new personal hero.

Cora, Cora, kiss my Dora. 

You old LOSER.

Don't you LOVE this video?

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