Monday, November 01, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Peace Train

I thought the Rally for Sanity was cute. A sweet progressive picnic.

And seeing Cat Stevens playing live for the first time was a bonus.

But as a political statement the rally was a DUD.

In a time of war we don't need no peace train.

We need more messages like this one.

So when Stephen Harper tries to fool Canadians into thinking that although he spent FOURTEEN years trying to destroy medicare, he now he wants to SAVE IT.

”When it comes to managing taxpayers’ money through a recession I will not make any apologies to a party that cut the military, that cut health care, that cut education and that raised taxes,” Mr. Harper cried. “We are on a very different track in this government.”

We can say how stoopid does he think we are? Does he think we don't REMEMBER?

Why is he yelling so much?

The Prime Minister typically builds to a full-throated yell, but here he went directly to a shout. Indeed, he seems now committed to yelling his way through this debate, to defeating his detractors with decibels.

Is he having another MELTDOWN?

And BTW...I know it's Halloween. But who the hell does he think he she is?

Norma Desmond or Paris Hilton?

The government was put on the defensive in the House of Commons after a Postmedia News report that revealed the annual cost of the prime minister's office had ballooned to nearly $10 million -- a jump of 30 per cent over the past two years.

And why is he spending our hard earned tax dollars like water, trying to make himself look PRETTY? So he can tell the provinces later he doesn't have enough money for MEDICARE?

Oh yeah. Obama was a sucker. He was too soft on his enemies. He tried to play Lincoln instead of Sherman, and ended up sounding like Emperor Jones.

We don't need no peace train. We know who our enemies are.

We don't just want to defeat the Cons.

We want to DESTROY them...  


Jim Parrett said...

Nice one, Simon. It is no longer the time for compromise with conservatives on either side of the border. It is time to fight. It is time for rock and roll and not folk music. It is time four opposition to fight back. It is time for Dems to get tough. The time for being cute is over.

Beijing York said...

That "I remember" ad is brilliant. Yes Simon, we need more of that. Not feel good Kumbaya moments. We are battling for all we hold dear. Harper and his gang are monsters and they would be thrilled to see a tea party movement rise in Canada.