Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is Sharia Law a Threat to Canada?

When I first saw this alarming report.

 The newly declassified document obtained by the National Post says Islamic hardliners are calling on Muslims living in Western countries to segregate themselves and adhere only to Shariah law.

"At a minimum, the existence of such mini-societies undermines the resilience and the fostering of a cohesive Canadian nation."

I thought it must have been written by someone at the Blogging Tories.

And would make a nice addition to this new blog.

But now I'm more concerned about the state of our intelligence services.

Don't they realize what could happen if that crazy Dodo lady gets hold of this? Her head could blow up and take out an entire neighbourhood.

And did they really think this was a documentary?

Although I suppose people who would blow up the internet a crow are capable of ANYTHING.

Gawd. Talk about a parallel universe.

What Afghan society lacks first and foremost is a skilled labour force. They need doctors, teachers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, even competent vehicle drivers.

Instead, we will be sending thousands more Canadian soldiers to teach young Afghan men how to fight.

Maybe our intelligence overlords should focus on the real threat.

Stephen Harper's incompetent Con government.

Or this...

The title of the song? The World is Mine.

The really scary news? If the producers get 39,390 likes on their Facebook page, she he it  is going to start singing in ENGLISH.

Golly. Talk about a virtual threat.

Canada wake up before it's too late...


ck said...

Dodo's head would explode and destroy a neighbourhood--what? That hasn't happened already??

Even if Muslims did segregate themselves and adhered to Sharia law at home, how is that different than say, the Chassidic community who also are pretty segregated; their kids even have their own schools, and such.

great post as usual

Anonymous said...

Sharia Law is much less of a threat to Canada than Canadian law is.