Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Teabaggers and the Tabloids

As we await the arrival of the teabagger tide in the U.S. here are a few things to reflect about.

Don't ever call it a grassroots movement.

The stunning rise of the Tea Party — which seems to have had spillover effects here with Rob Ford’s victory — shows how the wealthy have manipulated the anger following the devastating 2008 financial crash, and turned it into a battering ram for their own causes.

Don't call what's happening in the U.S. journalism.

On Larry King Live last week, commentator Ben Stein noted how the media were now running America. They choose the issues to amplify, they tell the people what they should think on these issues, they do it around the clock, and no one, not even a president as eloquent as Mr. Obama, can avoid being crowded out by the cacophony.

Because it's just propaganda...

And whatever you do, don't ever believe it couldn't happen here.

And here’s news for those of you still in shock: The real meaning of the Ford victory is that a true, reactionary Conservative can easily be elected in the 416 area code. With the right media strategy. Now, lie down with a cold cloth on your face for a while.

Because if Canada keeps on becoming more and more like Amerika.

And the Cons get their own news propaganda network.

We will wake up one day, in a country we don't recognize...


Anonymous said...

We're already in a country I don't recognize. As for Teabaggers and the Repugs, what dif does it make. It's not as if foreign policy is going to change, it's not as if the TB's are gonna suddenly pull out the troops and stop fighting wars-the-u.s.-can't-afford anymore. In fact nothing much will change at all. Everything is is bipartisan most of the time. Look at Potash in Sask, that's Big Business and it will win, because they run Canada. Fuck even Flanagan admitted on television tonight he's got shares, they are his nestegg and hell yes, it must go through!

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes we are going through some difficult times aren't we? I'm a pretty optimistic person, but I have to admit I'm feeling a little down. However, they do say it is darkest before the dawn, and I'm still hopeful that things will improve. There are a lot of good progressives, I'm convinced that history is on our side, and after we recover we will pick ourselves up, fight a little harder, and in the end we will win... :)