Saturday, November 27, 2010

Justin Trudeau Takes on Julian Fantino

I guess the bad news is Julian Fantino must be doing alarmingly well, if the Liberals had to deploy their most powerful weapon against him: Justin Trudeau.

And have him fire off a YouTube in the Generalissimo's general direction.

But I'm glad they did...

Because it was neat to see the son talk about the Charter of Rights that his old man wrote. And it was important to be reminded what Julian Fantino thinks about our freedoms.

"Who has reaped the greatest benefits from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? I would argue that if it isn't common criminals, then it must be the Hell's Angels.

Because quite frankly anyone with those views shouldn't have been a police chief, and most definitely shouldn't be a member of Parliament.

And what is old fuss and feathers running from?

Apart from his record.

And how come his good friend Don Cherry hasn't called him a quitter? Huh?

Now, having dealt with the shock of an elderly white man supporting a Conservative law-and-order candidate, we can move on to the important questions, like, what would Cherry say about a hockey player who simply refused to show up for important games, over and over and over?

And of course the question I really want to ask is what was The Generalissimo's role at the G20, and who was calling the shots on the last two days when the police went overboard? And began the biggest wave of mass arrests since the War Measures Act.

Because that's important eh? And I'm confused.

Lot's of speculation on who took control and ordered what on Saturday and Sunday and the OPP has very quietly pointed fingers at the RCMP's MacNiel but it may yet develop that OPP Chief Julian Fantino was calling the shots and interfering with Bill Blair

And now that I know what Fantino thinks about the Charter of Rights. And his apparent failure to recognize that the Charter is the foundation of a democratic society. Something precious, not something ugly.

I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of behaviour wasn't right up his alley kettle...

Yup. Julian Fantino. Bad for Toronto.

Bad for Ontario.

Bad for CANADA...


P.S. Justin...pls shave your mustache as soon as you can.You can always paint it on next Halloween when you dress up as a pirate, or El Pirata. Thanks ...a lot...Simon.


Nadine Lumley said...

okay your p.s. re the 'stash had me on the floor, that's exactly what I was going to say here, shave the weird moustache it has no credibility... just like Jack Layton. Plus it makes him look gay, and not that there's anything wrong with that but we are trying to woo old cranky men here.

Simon said...

hi Nadine...I really shouldn't have written anything about Justin and the Movember mustache. Because it is for a good cause after all. And I don't really care what Justin looks like, I just like his refreshing idealism.
But I don't think the mustache makes him look gay. I think it makes him look like the son of Juan Valdez the coffee bean man. Or the baby faced leader of the ruthless Medellin mob. Needless to say I'm hoping for the latter. These days progressives don't need gentle idealists. We need thugs !!!! ;)