Friday, January 23, 2015

The Barbarism of Saudi Arabia and the Grotesque Hypocrisy of Stephen Harper

There couldn't be a more hypocritical or nauseating spectacle, the old king of the brutish terrorist kingdom of Saudi Arabia dies.

And western leaders fall over themselves praising him. With Britain's David Cameron even ordering that flags be flown at half-mast. 

While our disgusting Prime Minister Stephen Harper blubbers sympathetically. 

“King Abdullah was recognized as a strong proponent of peace in the Middle East. He also undertook a range of important economic, social, education, health, and infrastructure initiatives in his country."

For a billion dollars worth of the wrong reasons. 

Even though the old king's reactionary kingdom is the place where the young blogger  Raif Badawi, whose family lives in Canada... 

Was not flogged again today for medical reasons. 

The London-based Amnesty International said that around eight doctors carried out medical tests on Raif Badawi, 31, and recommended that he not be flogged this Friday. Saudi authorities postponed his flogging last week after a doctor concluded his wounds from the first 50 lashes had not yet healed, according to Amnesty.

But still faces 950 more lashes and a ten year prison sentence for the "crime" of speaking out for a more secular society.

Even though the country's Wahhabi sect supports and finances terrorist groups all over the Middle East, created ISIS, and encourages young wannabe jihadis right here in Canada.

And the country itself is a bastion of barbarism.

The Saudis routinely mete out inhumane punishments. Executions are conducted roughly once every four days. Crimes which merit the death penalty include acts of homosexuality, adultery, sorcery, apostasy and idolatry. The preferred method is beheading, which often necessitates multiple strikes with a long sword — though stoning is also performed. The events are public; the bodies are displayed afterward.

A country where women have no rights and are treated like animals.

In 2013, Human Rights Watch reported that “Jeddah’s Summary Court convicted a man for physically abusing his wife to the point of hospitalization, but sentenced him to learning by heart five parts of the Quran and 100 sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.” 

According to a recent article in Businessweek, two women were sentenced to jail for bringing food to the home of a woman they thought was being abused by her husband. This was considered “incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband.”

A country where 70 people were publicly beheaded in 2014, like the woman I told you about a few days ago   

Whose execution you can witness in the following video. 

(Warning: the pictures are taken at a distance by a cop who was later arrested. And you can't see any blood or other horrible details. But it is still the most disturbing video I've ever seen, so you might want to stop it after the first 30 seconds)

And when you've seen that disgusting spectacle ask yourself how dare Stephen Harper speak in our name?

“On behalf of all Canadians, Laureen and I offer our sincere condolences to the family of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the people of Saudi Arabia. 

Why is the Con stooge John Baird selling our values out so cheaply?

And why is our would be king licking those Saudi beasts like a lollipop?

While claiming to stand up for human rights, and be protecting us from those who would behead us in our beds.

And when you've considered all of the above, I think you'll agree with me.

We will not be clean, and we will not be Canada again.

Until the glorious day when him and his bestial regime are finally defeated.

Get those Con bastards out of there before they soil us further....

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Unknown said...

Simon why are you publishing a video of a public beheading by the house of Saud on a women I could not watch my heart was wrenched from its normal position. We know that goes on and we despise Harper's salesmanship of terrorist machines to the house of Saud but must we look at a public beheading on a defenseless woman to get your point?

I love your blog Simon but the pleading poor woman ouch sickening I stopped the video before she was beheaded. No body stood up for the poor lady and now she is gone forever and blood is in the streets. Harper has just given the House of Saud a light armored vehicle to kill more civilians quickly without the use of the antiquated sword and death will become quicker and more will be murdered. The video made me sick it was not a movie it was real time about the repressive House of Saud...

Simon said...

hi mogs....I'm sorry if it sickened you as it did me. I have never watched a video of anyone being executed, let alone beheaded in a public square. And after reading your comment I added a warning which I probably should have done when I wrote it. But after the absolutely appalling way world leaders ,including our disgusting king, have been fawning over the death of that ghastly tyrant, I thought it was important that people see what kind of place is Saudi Arabia. I try to avoid monstrous things on this blog, but at a time when the Cons are becoming such close friends with the Saudis, I thought it was important that people see who their buddies are. So we can hold it against them...

David said...

Simon, you didn't need to post the video. I'm glad I saw your warning and would never watch something like that.


This much you know: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sealed a multi-billion-dollar deal to buy light armoured vehicles from Canada.

Here's what you might not know: The Saudi regime is buying these vehicles not to defend the nation from foreign threats, but to protect the regime from Saudis -- from internal dissent and demands for reform.

Simon said...

Hi I told mogs I don't run brutal things on this blog, or videos just to shock people. I agonized about putting it on. But I though it was taken from far away enough so that people might not see the gory horror, but see the horror of the spectacle. After seeing the fawning leaders, and some of the fawning coverage, I wanted to show people the reality of the country the Cons are hugging to their bosom. Words can drift in one ear and then gently out of the other. But anyone who watches that video will never forget it, or forgive the foulness of the Harper regime. I'm sorry if it bothered you, but I must be true to myself....

Marmalade said...

We were once a peace loving country...........what happened?

Unknown said...

Simon I totally understand the House of Saud is sickening [not you] and perhaps you woke some up to it. Steve will do anything for a loonie he is a political whore and these light armored vehicles yes are for internal insurrection. The USA used to prop these middle age barbarians up but Obama said no more. Apparently Steve got sucked into the void the USA Saudi relationship deterioration left. But we all know Steve is an idiot, what arm a false regime that is gonna kill its own people? Steve's dream come true remember the the G-8 and G-20 fiasco? Steve plotted the beating and incarceration of innocent people. I am willing to bet he got a hard on over that. Steve is as sick as his Saudi and Israeli friends he worships.

Cheers Simon,
Mogs Moglio:)

Unknown said...

We need more love and light lest we return to the dark ages. Why is it the news is filled with brutal acts of violence? No mention of the majority of good people who are ignored and the Harper government getting a free pass for lying cheating criminal behavior crimes against humanity and ass licking brutal regimes like the house of Saud and Israel?

Unknown said...

Harper and his con clown show wrecking ball crew trolling for a big fat pension and ass licking corporations to get appointed to board room positions later. Its so see through its sickening Mulroney sits on multiple boards for his NAFTA rip-off...

ron wilton said...

Closing our eyes and or looking the other way will not end the barbarism of these barbaric people.

These public atrocities are held to keep the populace in fear of ever even hoping for a better society.

The world must be shown what these insane sheikdoms are doing to their own and we can only hope they will change their evil ways.

Canada providing them with military equipment only reinforces their oppression.

harper as just as guilty as the asshole wielding the sword.

Unknown said...

Simon, I support and applaude your publishing of this video. It reinforces your overall theme, and leaves little doubt as to the monsters we choose to get into bed with. No statements can convey the true horror of the barbarism and utter contempt for human life that is prevalent in the ways of the house of Saud.

This is a regime our government calls friends, embraces and supports. This in essence condones this behavour, by our apathy alone. Not so long ago, we would take up arms to quell this kind of barbarism. What has Canada become?

Anonymous said...

I didn't open the video - if the evidence is there and on record - that's enough for me. We all share a sincere humane loss in knowing these activities are prevalent in the Saudi regime and it questions our readiness to support and condone such barbarous responses to their basic philosophical beliefs and 'laws' - what binds us to this dictatorship. Money - the root of all evil.

Simon said...

hi ron...well I'm glad somebody agrees with me, I was starting to feel seriously outnumbered. I have and always will believe that the truth will set us free, I can't believe what those Saudis have been allowed to get away with just because they have oil. And the thought that a Canadian government is fawning over them makes me almost physically ill...

Simon said...

hi Blue Grit...I'm glad you agree that I was right to run that video. As I told the others I did agonize of whether I should do that or not. And I also admit that when I watched the video for the first time I had my hands over my face, and peering through a slit in my fingers, because I do hate cruelty and violence. But as I also told the others, I thought the scene summed up the brutality, the misogyny, and the violent barbarism of that reactionary theocracy. So everybody can see what kind of regime the Cons would have us cuddle up to, and more people can ask themselves what you and I do: What has Canada become?

David said...

Boots on the ground

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia Holds All Male Women’s Rights Conference

"The laughably prestigious University of Qassim in Saudi Arabia held one of the biggest women’s rights conferences in the Arab world last year. Ironically, the institution managed to hold the event without the advice or attendance of a single woman."

Anonymous said...

Are u guy serious or shameless or careless!!!
DO u know at least what she did?
That'sThat's what the announcer is saying in Arabic.