Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Grubby Stephen Harper and Need For Change

One of the things I despise the most about Stephen Harper is that he would turn this big, beautiful country, into something as small and as grubby as he is.

Turn a still young country like Canada into an old and tired one, where greed rules and change is viewed as threatening. 

Or as Carol Goar writes, viewed as impossible to achieve. 

There is a school of thought, as Canada heads into an election year, that real change — the kind that reshapes a nation — is impossible. In an era of slow growth, constrained finances and constant polling, the most voters can expect is tinkering, marketing and low-cost policy adjustments.

Even though the need for change has never been more urgent.

There are major challenges facing the nation: an aging population, an unsustainable economic strategy, a widening gulf between the privileged few and the rest of the population, a reputation for truculence on the world stage, a dearth of jobs for talented young people, a toxically outdated Indian Act, an impenetrable shell of government secrecy and a mean-spiritedness toward the poor, the unemployed, asylum-seekers and young offenders.

And at a time when climate change threatens our very survival, needs to be embraced not rejected.

That's one of the main reasons I want us to build a movement to help defeat Stephen Harper...

So it can help imbue our cause with the nobility it deserves, make saving Canada more than just an electoral contest.

And raise us out of the gutter, or the trough, that him and his filthy Cons would have us live in...

You also know how frustrated it makes me to see so many older Canadians voting for the Cons and against change, when they should know better. And so many younger Canadians voting against change by not voting at all, even though it's their future.

But I'm happy to report that situation may

The young are getting organized.

More and more of them understand the need for change.

A recent poll showed that Canada's seniors are the most progressive group of seniors ever.

And then there's the amazing Harry Leslie Smith. 

Smith bluntly told the crowd of activists, anti-poverty advocates and people who’ve experienced poverty that Canadians are too apathetic. Citizens need to demand more from elected officials and put today’s politicians “out to pasture,” he said. 

“I should be able to look back and see great social progress since I was born — but I don’t.”

Inspiring young Canadians just like he inspired the Labour Party Conference in Britain last year, with his powerful defence of that country's NHS or medicare system.

Which is being mutilated by David Cameron's foul Cons, just like Stephen Harper is planning to do to our medicare system...

The Great Harry still pushing for change at the age of ninety-one.

With future talks lined up throughout Ontario, Smith says he’ll keep fighting for social change as long as he can walk and talk. “I just wanted to see a change made before I leave this wonderful world,” he said.

What an example for us all.

Let's build a great movement.

Let's make change exciting and beautiful again.

And use it to topple this old and tired tyrant...

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