Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Con Stooge John Baird Goes After the Palestinians. Again.

He has always been his master's voice, Stephen Harper's most faithful stooge.

A yapping Con pitbull, the absurd Minister of Religious Freedom, a gay Thatcherite in a government full of filthy homophobes.

But these days nothing is more obscene than the way John Baird is pandering to the brutish settler regime of Benjamin Netanyahu, while attacking their long suffering victims the Palestinians. 

The Canadian government is condemning a move by the Palestinian Authority to join the International Criminal Court (ICC) in a bid to eventually launch war-crimes prosecutions against Israel. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the action taken by Palestinians this week is a “concerning and dangerous development.”

“Such a provocative decision only furthers the divide between Palestinians and Israelis, and will carry unfortunate consequences,” he said in a written statement.

When in fact there is nothing "provocative" or "dangerous" about the move to join the ICC. It's a peaceful legal move born of desperation.

These WERE war crimes...

Made worse by the Con regime's refusal to allow any badly wounded Palestinian children to be treated in Canada. 

And not only has the Netanyahu regime systematically sabotaged the peace process by catering to the racist settler movement.

Nothing is more divisive than its decision to declare that Israel is a Jewish state.

Israel’s 1948 declaration of independence guarantees “complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.” So Israel may be a “Jewish state” in a cultural sense, but at least no more so than America can be called a “Christian state.” Israel was never intended to be a theocracy.

A decision that makes no sense whatsoever.

Why does Mr. Netanyahu want to define his nation-state with precisely the same phrases used by Hamas, a nonsecular, fundamentalist party dedicated to the formation of an Islamic republic?

Mr. Netanyahu himself is a secular politician. His insistence on a “Jewish state” seems to be only a prescription for endless conflict with his “Muslim” neighbors — and perhaps today a tactic to postpone further negotiations on the creation of a Palestinian state.

And one that although it would do great damage to Israel, Cons like Baird and his depraved leader who pose as its "best friends" have yet to condemn, or for that matter say ONE word about it.

Because so cowardly is Stephen Harper, and so determined is he to pleasure his good friend Benny...

That he would sacrifice the peace process, just to cater to his rabid religious base, and try to win the votes of some Jewish voters in Canada. 

But then Harper is a right-wing beast as bad as Netanyahu, and as the decent religious writer Dennis Greunding has pointed out, Baird's views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict couldn't be cruder.

Canada’s foreign affairs minister was talking through his hat recently in Israel. John Baird was on a state visit and repeated at every opportunity that, “Israel has no greater friend in the world than Canada.” Then he would recount his story about how, as a young Parliamentary assistant working in the office of the Conservative foreign affairs minister in the 1990s, he could not stay quiet during the daily briefings about Israel. “I took a pad of paper and drew a white hat on one side and a black hat on the other. Under the white hat, I wrote ‘Israel’ and under the black, ‘Hezbollah.’”

Or more PATHETIC...

White hats and black hats. Democrats and terrorists. It is a deliberately simplistic argument that insults adult intelligence. It takes one back to the Lone Ranger and good guy-bad guy cowboy movies of the 1950s. This approach consciously avoids both current reality and history.

And of course, that's what bugs me the most. 

Because I have no axe to grind in the Middle East. All I want to see is both peoples living side by side in peace in their own secular states, and an end to the oppression, the bloodshed, and the suffering. 

And I can't forget that once we were genius peacemakers who could have nudged both sides towards a happy ending, or given them a quiet Canadian elbow in the corner to speed things up, and helped heal that gaping wound in the side of the world.

I can't forget that once we were the Canada of Lester Pearson, or John Humphrey, who wrote the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Now we're the Canada of Harper and Baird, the grubby leaders of a pariah nation. Who would do ANYTHING for crass political purposes.

Even if it that means pandering to a brutish war criminal...

Even it leads to even more senseless bloodshed and human suffering.

And even if it shames us in the eyes of the world, for which I can NEVER forgive them. 

Because I want to be proud of my country. I want it to be noble and good. And those filthy Cons are the death of decency.

Oh well, we know what we have to do to get our Canada back.

Defeat Stephen Harper's foul regime.

Send him to a place where he can indulge his depraved  fantasies...

And of course, send this pathetic "Foreign Minister."

This yapping Con stooge.

Crawling right after him...

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  1. A good article Simon.I hope the Palestinian Authority in joining the ICC does succeed in launching war time prosecution against Israel. I think the US though would try to stop this, because in their unquestioning support, financially and militarily of Israel, they too are guilty of war crimes.

    1. hi Pamela...thanks. I don't know whether the ICC initiative will go anywhere. But I hope that at least some U.N. report will call what happened in Gaza a war crime. Because when so many children are killed and mutilated not to call it that would be a moral atrocity...

  2. And to serve their fundamentalist friends and get their votes.

    1. hi Anne...yes, to satisfy his religious base. The Christian dominionists who love Israel because they believe that's where their Messiah will come to scoop them all up, while leaving the Jews and the rest of us heathens behind. Hallelujah....

  3. It's no surprise that Baird is too stupid to know that he's a supporter of crimes against humanity. He doesn't THINK about the Israel-Palestine conflict. He never did. He's like a sports fan, mindlessly cheering for "his" team, even though he has only the vaguest connection to it. The players and owners don't know him, let alone care about him.

    I'd like to think that if I were to disgrace myself cheering on the mass slaughter of innocent people, that there at least be something in it for me. Of course, i can't see how anything would be reward enough to make me debase myself so.

    1. hi thwap...I suppose you're right, he is a dim bulb, and he's always been a rigid cardboard ideologue. A guy who persecuted welfare recipients when he was in the Harris government like his ghastly heroine Thatcher did. So yes, it is all sport to him, and like Harper winning is all that counts...

    2. Im a sports fan and i think Baird is an asshole and his party are filth.

  4. Also egregious is Baird running his mouth about how happy he was that his hero was trolling war with Russia.
    "Im so proud of my Prime Minister for "punching above his weight " vomited Baird last week on CBC's Power and Politics.....
    If this complete goof Baird thinks pushing Russias massive army into destroying Canadian Cities is something Canadians welcome then he's even more bat shit crazy then we once thought.

  5. Baird is a loser like Harper trolling for war with Russia is kinda like bringing a stone age tool to a nuclear submarine fight. And the fallout? We will be the war/battle zone between the pricks south and the Russian bear north of us. And no matter the outcome there will be no more Canada. Quit watching Gary Bettman's version of hockey and drinking beer Canadians because you are about to lose all that is near and dear. We need a federal re-call election for the entire Parliament and show we care for Canada and not parties.