Monday, January 05, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great Canada Birthday Scam

Stephen Harper has spent more than a billion dollars on porky ads trying to brainwash Canadians, with their own money.

He has tried to hypnotize us into believing that his is a good government, and that he is a Great Leader. Even though he is the worst leader of the worst government in Canadian history.

And his totalitarian porky ad campaign is not only a sinister assault on our democracy, on a scale never seen before.

One that would make even the original Big Brother envious...

It's also an appalling waste of money, and blatantly fraudulent. 

Talk about an expensive birthday party invitation. Recently released federal spending figures show advertising promoting Canada’s 150th birthday — two years from now — has cost nearly $12 million, so far.

Because not only have they spent a fortune already, and have nothing to show for it.

When you follow the porky trail all the way to the Canada 150 website, what you discover is a reflection of Great Strong Closet Leader's favourite slogans.

And in the trough at the bottom of the page, there is Candice Bergen plugging, you guessed it, the Porky Action Program...

Please feel free to NOT watch the whole tape, because trust me it doesn't get any better.... 

And all you need to do to know about its real purpose is to check the fine print at the end...

Because it explains why Stephen Harper has been running radio ads telling Canadians that the Liberals and the NDP are trying to steal their money.

It's all the same propaganda show, one giant web of deception. From Great Leader's hollow slogans, to the Canada 150 site, to the weather page.

Where you can also find Candy Bergen flogging her wares...

But what bugs me the most about the Canada 150 scam, is that Stephen Harper is spending all those millions to make it look like he's a Great Canadian Leader.

When in fact no leader in Canadian history hates our Canada so much, and has done so much to damage it...

Or change it beyond recognition.

That is his most fraudulent act, and his most DISGUSTING.

And the good news?

We shall use all of this against them in the election campaign. Show Canadians how much money the Cons spent on this fraudulent brainwashing project, instead of helping veterans, seniors, the young, and the hungry. And it will come back to bite them.

And the best news?

In two years we will have our Canada Birthday Party. And it will be GREAT.

Because the filthy Cons will have been defeated. 

And Stephen Harper won't be able to make it...

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Unknown said...

Hi Simon it is getting to be such a putrid side show these Harper con artists I cannot believe ordinarily intelligent Canadians can fall for this shit. Um ya what a circus the cons are and lead by the ring leader Harper...

Canadians it is time to wake up now and quit eating the bull shit. Come on lets have a con free New Year.

Unknown said...

Um ya Mister Simon a must watch Michael Harris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You already have the link.

Published on Dec 19, 2014

Michael Harris, investigative journalist and author of "Party of One", addressed delegates of Unifor's Ontario Regional Council, sharing some of his startling findings about the Harper government and their conservative agenda.

I sure hope he wakes allot of Canadians up, Harper is disgusting. It is mind boggling at how low he will go.


Steve said...

If you want toi fear fear cause I saw the truth last Sunday on CTV. An absolute homage to the Great Leader that changed my mind, he is not bad he is superman.

David said...

On the CTV National News???

Unknown said...

Um Steve you meant super control freak shit head I hope?

Steve said...

No the Question Period, where the question is always are these people on the payroll?