Thursday, January 01, 2015

The New Year and the Great Canadian Revolt

The little ferry had to struggle against a howling bitterly cold wind, as it headed for the lonely part of the island, for the last time this year.

And the scene seemed to symbolize what the ghastly year of 2014 felt like to me.

Because it was a struggle. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether we going forwards or backwards. The foul stench of the Con regime was always in our faces. And there were times when I wondered whether I would make it to 2015.

But now the New Year is here, and like the glow of the setting sun, it brings with it the promise of brighter days ahead. 

Because this is the year when we will finally get a chance to defeat Stephen Harper's foul Con regime.

And it couldn't come soon enough... 

Because he is a bestial leader, and if I portray him like that, it's only because he deserves it. 

And because I believe, like even Jeffrey Simpson does, that he hasn't been condemned enough.

Despite many commentaries about the style of the Harper government, and what it is doing to Canadian democracy, more still should have been said. Pick your starting point: impugning the integrity of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada; demeaning the Chief Electoral Officer; trying to pack the courts with right-wing judges and former prosecutors; dropping parliamentary review of Supreme Court appointments; huge omnibus bills that prevent serious debate; unbridled use of taxpayers’ money for pro-government advertising; an electoral reform act denounced by most of the country’s leading political scientists; the muzzling of natural scientists; the ongoing attempt to restrict information; and so on and so on and so on.

Because let's be clear eh? By the standards of any modern democracy, of any decent country, a leader with a record like that one is unfit to remain in office...

He should have been given the hook long ago.

And to allow him to snatch or steal another mandate, would complete the corruption of Canada, and make us all look like idiots, people without moral values, or just CRAZY.

And although I agree with Simpson that the MSM must shoulder a large part of the blame, for treating this nightmare situation as the new normal, or as politics as usual, or as just another horse race. 

This is an election year, and we will be saturated with polls. They will show parties going up, and parties going down. They will be invested with enormous and usually unjustified significance by those who take them and those who “report” on them. 

They turn political reporting into horse-race journalism of interest, frankly, to only a small number of political junkies such as television yakkers and newspaper columnists who talk right past what interests citizens.

I also blame the progressive parties for failing to turn the anti-Harper struggle into a larger cause or movement. 

One that can inspire Canadians, move them to action, get them to vote in greater numbers than ever before. 

And above all better reflect what this next election will be all about: stopping Harper and his political thugs from destroying what's left of our country and its values...

Because if we can't create a Great Canadian Revolt, and we can't make saving Canada a sacred cause. We will not move the complacent hordes, and they will not vote in the numbers we need to crush the Cons. So it really is go big or go home.

But as you know I'm working on that eh?

And I'm counting on that mighty movement, Harper's record, his sordid scandals, the sagging economy, AND Baby Freedom to finish him off...

As I'm sure they will. 

So the only other thing I want to say tonight, is thank you again for reading this blog  and encouraging me so much.

It has been a long and exhausting struggle, but the happy ending will make it all worthwhile...

The ghastly Con monkey will end up where he deserves.

And if you thought the New Year's Eve fireworks were amazing.

Imagine what it's going to look and sound like in Canada, the night the Con regime goes down...

Won't THAT be amazing?

The night we get our Canada back.

Get your party hats ready eh?

And Happy New Year everybody !!!

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  1. Happy New Year Simon. I salute you for continuing to try to rally the troops. Somebody's got to do it.

    1. hi thwap...thanks a lot and Happy New Year to you and yours !!! As for trying to rally the troops, I have no illusions about how difficult that will be. But I did see with my own eyes how the YES side in Scotland built a mighty one, so I feel obligated to share that knowledge. And of course it's better than feeling hopeless...

  2. Best of the New Year to you and your partner Montreal Simon J

    Now I have to do a little New Year channeling from the Universe:

    Tis the season to be jolly,
    Fa la la la la la la,
    Tis the end of Stephen Harper
    Fa la la la la la la,
    Joy to the world
    A new day dawns
    Without the clownish cons.

    Who has Harper not pissed off?
    These he has:
    Coast Guard,
    Army, Navy, Air Force,
    Dept of Fisheries workers,
    Postal workers,
    National Parks workers,
    The unemployed,
    Anyone who has had his or her job taken by a “Temporary [permanent] Foreign Worker,
    Charities on his hit list,
    And a ton of Public Service workers he has fired,
    Ordinary Canadians who do not like the changes he is making to Canada to benefit the 1% at our expense,
    Finally journo’s in the MSM [bout time they woke up and took shots at his majesty instead of swooning over the fool on the hill (Paliament Hill)],
    The list is endless Simon oh and by the way I heard Pete MacKay shines Harper’s shoes with his are you ready for it?

    Tongue [in cheek]

    Mogs Moglio

    1. hi mogs...thanks a lot and Happy New Year to you !!! And thanks for your jolly song, it did make me smile. As well as reminding me how many Canadians despise the Con regime. Progressives do need to remember that at this dark time of the year, for it will pay off when the election comes. As for MacKay...that's a revelation too. For I always thought he used his tongue to polish Harper's you know what. But I suppose even Dumbo is capable of multitasking.... ;)

    2. Alright Simon I made you smile [good job mogs] your reply made me giggle nice job Simon love you to...

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Knowing Harper as we do, he will cheat this next election too. Harper has no right to be governing this country as, he cheated to win the last election with his robo-call election fraud.

    Harper belongs in prison as a traitor doing acts of treason for, selling Canada to Communist China with his FIPPA deal. Harper's vile Omni-Bull-S-Bill permits China to sue Canada if, anyone tries to block China's takeover.

    The opposition does what about this? We are pretty much on our own, to fight Harper.

    1. hi anon...don't despair, if we can create a mighty movement to encourage, or force the opposition parties to do better in the New Year, they can still do the job...

  4. Well now I think Harper has sunk...

    "There's enough stuff in the F-35 to get a comedian through a HBO special. The latest guffaw - its gun doesn't shoot. It's there and everything - gun, ammunition, the lot. Pilots just won't be able to fire it for a while, 2019 at the earliest...."

    Ray I salute comments on that " Blogger Ray Blessin said...

    This is really good news for the "folks" that we were planning to slaughter with these 'cannons'!

    Ya no shit Ray Link here:

    And :

    Oh right Steve your dreams of almighty leader are failing before your eyes to bad so sad now Steve go to prison for lying and scamming....

    1. hi mogs...this F35 project has been a bad joke from the moment it was conceived. It's the wrong plane for the job, it's a flying turkey, and by the time they fix all its problems it will be obsolete, and be replaced by planes flown by robots. Because that is the future, and those pilotless fighters are already out there...

    2. The drones are already flying in colors Simon this F-35 was an obsolete joke before it was even test flown. How come we can see that and worse joke Harper/MacKay can not? Fools on the hill eh?



    Advisers include former CF-18 jet pilot Stephen Fuhr, a B.C. candidate for the [Liberal] party and a vocal critic of Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter-bomber, which the Royal Canadian Air Force favours for Canada’s next warplane.

    Mr. Fuhr has criticized the Lockheed jet as “technically risky, ill-suited to Canada’s priorities” and destined to cost far more than Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it will.

    “I am a Christian. I was born in Tory-blue Alberta and grew up in the B.C. Interior. I have never smoked a joint in my life, and I always voted Conservative,” Mr. Fuhr said in a recent commentary in The Huffington Post.

    I'm a Lifelong Conservative But I'm Running for the Liberals
    Posted: 12/10/2014 12:31 pm EST

    1. hi David...I'm not sure what to make of this development. He sounds like he has all the right qualifications. But can a man who has never smoked a joint really truly be trusted? ;)

    2. Simon David if you have never smoked a um a "joint" why would you even bother bringing that up? Um so if I say I have never gone to church or attended military college would that make me a better man? How about if I never ever swear to god pissed in the woods? For Christ sakes Mr. Fuhr stick to the issues at hand the failure of the F-35 your Christianity and smoking pot or not have nothing to do with this Marten Lougheed rip off. The trillion dollar jet that don't work...

  6. Mad Man

    1. hi David....I used that pic of the (M)adman in a recent post and it is brilliant...

  7. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Happy New years Simon and your partner. I sincerely hope that Oct 19 we will see the end of Harper & his goons. I agree Harper needs to be allocated to jail for treason and take his MP's with him. They are no better.

    1. hi anon...thanks a lot and Happy New Year to you!! As I said in my post I'm just glad this election year has finally arrived, and that we will finally get a chance to defeat him and his shabby regime. I'm going to have start buying fireworks now, so I have enough of them to light up the sky so brightly you'll be able to see them from St John's to Vancouver...;)

  8. Ya anon 6:07 PM the Harper cons can all play marbles on the concrete floor of the prison and Harper and MacKay can tend goal? Eh? Hope so...

    Then Steve can write a marble book from jail...

    He lost his marbles a long long time ago. He certainly is not normal neither is 'helicopter MacKay'...