Friday, January 02, 2015

Brigette DePape, Michael Harris, and the Stop Harper Movement

When I think about how we might create a mighty movement to help the progressive parties bring down the Con regime.

And I am assailed by the usual doubts about whether one person can even hope to make a difference in this filthy Harperland.

I remember the brave young Senate page Brigette DePape, who set an example for us all...

Did show us the way.

And did  make a difference.

Not just by motivating others to follow her example... 

But also by helping to inspire Michael Harris to write this powerful indictment of the Harper government ...

As he explains in this interview...

Which in turn should further inspire us to buy the book, share it widely.

And of course, follow Brigette's example...

For one person can make a difference.

But thousands and thousands can make a mighty movement, that can topple the Con regime.

And help send this monster.

To the place he belongs...

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  1. Let's hope the other political parties get their shit together in their adverts this time around. And, that the MSM really [finally] takes the federal cons to task for all their b*llsh!t.

    1. hi UU4077...yes, let's hope that the progressive parties come out swinging, and that we can get as many Canadians mobilized as possible to back them up. But while hopefully the MSM will finally wake up, we can't count on them, so we need to build and encourage our own media. It worked in Scotland and there's no reason it can't work here...

  2. Happy New Year Simon and Noddy !

    Where can I get a "Stop Harper" emoticon for my email ?

    I found a sign suitable for printing on letter size paper here.

    I've got some transfer paper to put on a Tee Shirt to wear to rankle those white hairs when I'm working out at the seniors gym.

    I'll get the grandchildren colouring - a great lesson combining shapes, art, civics and an introduction to the history of tyranny in Canada !

    All the best in 2015 and keep up the great blog !

    1. hi hinofan....thank you and Happy New Year to you !!! And good stuff getting that Stop Harper signs out. You're miles ahead of me. But I'll try to work on a t-shirt for myself and I see that stickers and other STOP Harper signs are even being flogged on line. I'll make a few versions so people can download them or copy them for free. A great campaign is taking shape, and we are going to cover the country with anti-Harper signs !!!!

  3. A friend already spotted one stop sign with the word "HARPER" glued below the word STOP.

    Can you imagine millions of stop signs across Canada--in every village, town, and city--with STOP HARPER, once the writ is dropped.

    Talk about a good location for free advertising! 8-)

    1. hi David...yes there are a lot of signs out there, and it is a great symbol. If all the progressive groups in the country can agree to make it their sign for the duration of the campaign we could get a movement off the ground in pretty short order. After I've slept for about a day I'll see if I can come up with a way to push this idea forward...

    2. Dave I'm with you in my town I am going to plaster "Harper" underneath every STOP sign....

  4. norberto10:39 AM

    hi, I found this website: , they have several signs with the simple message "stop harper" !
    let's do this !

    1. hi norberto...yes, I see they really are everywhere. And of course we can make our own signs too. All you need is some red paper, some white paper, a pair of scissors and some glue. But yeah wouldn't it be nice it we could plaster that sign all over the country, on walls, t-shirts etc. And make it THE slogan of the next election campaign. It sums up in two words what that campaign must be about. Not about this or that, but about removing Harper and company from power, before they do any more damage...