Saturday, January 03, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Impending Collapse of the Porky Cons

The signs are unmistakable. All you have to do is turn on a TV, and see all those porky Con ads masquerading as government announcements, to know the 2014 election campaign has officially begun.

Especially since all Stephen Harper seems to be doing these days is blowing hot air out of every windy orifice.

And trying to pose as Great Kinder Gentler Leader...

But although he would portray himself as a winner, ready and willing to accept another mandate from the grateful Canadian people.

The signs couldn't be more ominous for him and his filthy un-Canadian Con regime. And he couldn't look more like a loser-in-waiting.

Because almost every achievement he brags about in his porky ads couldn't be more hollow or FRAUDULENT...

He can hardly claim to be a Great Economist Leader when his tarry obsession is leading us to disaster. Threatening to wreck his best laid plans. 

The Conservatives have been saying 2015 will be the year they end seven years of consecutive budget deficits and bring in billions of dollars worth of goodies for voters in keeping with promises made in the last election in 2011. But the linchpin of this strategy — running a budget surplus — has been thrown into doubt by the sudden, unexpected plunge in world oil prices. 

Depending on what happens to the always volatile price of a barrel of crude, the Harper government could find itself on the verge of an embarrassing slide back into a budget deficit in 2015.

And he has only made the situation worse, by promising reckless tax cuts and spreading pork all over the country trying to buy the votes of some Canadians. 

The corrupt bumbling idiot who would bring a deficit down on his own head.

Neither can he pose as a Great Crime Busting Leader...

Not when his Republican-style "tough-on-crime" policies, as Stephen Maher points out, are doomed to fail. 

After nine years in office, the Conservatives have mostly failed to remake our justice system, having been repeatedly blocked by the courts. To the extent that they have succeeded in making changes, it’s unclear that those changes have made us safer.

Not when he has been batted around like a tennis ball by the courts, humiliated by the Charter of Rights.

If Harper loses the election this fall, and is replaced by Liberals and/or New Democrats, his legacy in the criminal justice system will be pretty small and, likely, swiftly reversed. The real story is how little impact he has had — in spite of a decade of law-making — and how the charter continues to be a force for change, no matter who is in power.

And his depravity has been exposed for all to see...

Nor can he claim to be a Great Warrior Leader who supports the troops... 

When that couldn't be more of a cruel joke, after the way him and his shabby stooge Julian Fantino have treated our veterans...

Or more OBSCENE.

And as for his claim that he's a Great World Leader....

That couldn't be more laughable, or more pathetic. After the way he has turned this country into a pariah nation, and embarrassed us in the eyes of the world.

But the best news, and the best indication of the fate that awaits him, is that even after nine years in power, and billions of dollars of porky propaganda, he has failed to change Canada into a right-wing country. 

Or a cheap copy of Republican Amerika...

Because what that tells me is that most Canadians still believe in OUR Canada. 

And that should make it easier to recruit many of them to join the movement to STOP him...

Yup. The signs are indeed ominous for Stephen Harper and his foul regime. 

Because they really are everywhere, and come in all sizes and

And soon there will be so many more, from coast to coast to coast, all sending him the same message:

He's out of ideas, he's out of time. He's the dirtiest most evil leader in Canadian history.

And he's really good to GO...

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  1. Simon you inspire me even though I am older than you I am now going to paste "Harper" on every stop sign in town exactly under the STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I don't get arrested for crimes against the Harperium dictatorship.

    And bless Brigette DePape who is a Canadian activist from Winnipeg, Manitoba who came to Canadian national attention on June 3, 2011 with her stop Harper sign as a page. Love you Brigette you had enough courage to stand up to the 666 carbon beast Harper cheers and well done you have moved millions of Canadians and continue to do so:

    Brilliant Brigette brilliant who would of thought of that? Only you did it many sharing your thoughts now thanks to you Brigette we can all do that STOP Harper...

    1. hi mogs...Brigette stand in the Senate is the best symbol of resistance to the Harper regime we have, so it seems to me only fitting that we should use it to inspire us in the next election. Because whether you hate Harper because of his environmental policies, or his police state tendencies, or whatever. We all agree that he must be stopped, and that we must defeat him...

    2. Paste Harper on every STOP sign in your neighbor hood bro No Simon I do not think helmet head is going to have an Election because he is power hungry and want's to steal Canada and give it away to the 1%....

    3. Simon yo bro...

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I have to wonder what Harper has done behind our backs, this x-mas break? Harper is a behind your back monster. Such as, Meeting China in Russia to plot his vile FIPPA deal. Harper's evil Omni-Bull-S-Bills which work with Harper's FIPPA deal with China.

    What we can count on is, Harper will cheat to win the next election as he did the last election. Harper is in the lowest form of the human species. Harper has not even one, saving grace in his character.

    1. hi anon...well he's been keeping a very low profile, no doubt getting his batteries recharged and/or his buttocks massaged, by his legion of faithful flunkies. But you can be sure that he's also deciding whether to go for an early election. And it won't be long before we know what he has decided...

  3. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I'm not so sure the price of crude will sink the Cons. As Dick Cheney once said, "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." He's right.

    Cheap gas actually works in Harper's favour. At the end of each month, once Canadians have paid their food, housing, utility, insurance and car expenses, they'll find an extra $20 to $30 in their pockets - money they once had to spend on gas. They'll feel comparatively rich, maybe even be able to spring for a couple of beers and pizza at the end of the week. And that, I fear, they'll attribute to Harper.

    1. hi anon....lower oil prices won't sink the economy, but they will depress it. It will remind people that Harper put too many eggs in one basket. And don't forget that thanks to the lower dollar, food prices are going to go up. So there goes that pizza and beer... ;)