Tuesday, January 20, 2015

John Baird's Con Clown Tour of the Middle East

Whenever one of Stephen Harper's Con clowns leaves the country I shudder, reach for a paper bag to put over my head, and prepare for the worst.

Because I know they will make fools out of themselves, and shame us once again in the eyes of the world.

And in that regard John Baird's just concluded tour of the Middle East couldn't be a better example.

For it was, in descending chronological order, pathetic, humiliating, and shameful.

It began limply in Cairo, where after letting the Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy rot in an Egyptian jail for over a year.

Baird finally summoned up enough courage to ask that he be released. Only to fail miserably.

Baird said he had a “very long and in-depth discussion” with his counterpart — which he characterized as “constructive and fruitful” — about Mohamed Fahmy’s case.

Despite the Con's enthusiastic support for Egypt's dictator, and his fascist regime.

Which is only exceeded by their passionate feelings for the brutish regime in Saudi Arabia.

Then it was off to the Occupied Territories, where Baird received a warm subdued eggy welcome.

Which couldn't be more humiliating. Because now the whole world knows that even the poor battered Palestinians think we're bullies.

So they can hold that against us, as well as our deranged desire to torch the planet.

But even that ominous omelette didn't stop Baird from wrapping up his disastrous tour by accusing the Palestinians of bullying the Israelis.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird reaffirmed Canada's opposition Monday to a Palestinian attempt to pursue war crimes charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court. Speaking in Jerusalem, Baird said the Palestinians "made a huge mistake" by going to the ICC, a United Nations institution that Canada played a lead role in creating in the 1990s.

When this was a war crime...

By any measure of human decency.

And it's Baird who should be apologizing, to the Palestinians. 

Mr. Baird should apologize for his active encouragement of Israel’s brute and ugly occupation and its apartheid policies. He should apologize for failing to promote those things Canadians hold dear such as freedom, dignity and human rights and for replacing those ideals with an outspoken support of Israel’s clear and undisputed violations of international law.

But of course he won't, because he'd rather sound like Benny Netanyahu's boyfriend, make us all sound like his stooges.

"And as I've said before, Canada doesn't stand behind Israel; we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it."

And end his appalling tour by sitting side by side with Avigdor Lieberman.

The notorious racist. Or pragmatic thug.

His words have the force of cluster bombs. He spares no one. He once proposed executing Arab members of the Knesset with ties to Hamas to Hezbollah as "Nazi collaborators." Later he suggested that Israel should proceed in the Gaza Strip the way Russia did in Chechnya -- without consideration for losses or civilians. This remark gained him a reputation as a virulent racist.

And it's at times like these that I wonder how great it must have been when Canada was considered a peacemaking nation. A decent boy scout instead of a bully.

And I wonder what happened.

And how low have we fallen...

And of course, how soon can we get rid of those Con swine?

Before they shame us further...

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Unknown said...

"And as I've said before, Canada doesn't stand behind Israel; we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it."

No we don't only the con f**k twits do.

Anonymous said...

Big Mouth Baird strikes again. If he's not stirring things up in Ukraine, he's doing it in of all places, the middle east. Given how radical islamists are striking out at the least of provocations, this idiot goes and spits in their face on their own turf. It's bad enough that we have to worry about some other whack job killing innocent people, now Baird has added fuel to a fire that need not be stoked. Way to go you fuc*ing moron!

Simon said...

hi mogs...yes, I found that line particularly cringeworthy. I'm surprised Baird didn't get down on his knees and kiss Benny Natanyahu's ass or worse. No government has ever embarrassed this country more than those ghastly Cons have...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes, the mouth that roared let loose on the helpless world. And Baird doesn't care what effects that might have, for as far as the Harper Cons are concerned, a terrorist attack on Canada just before the next election would be a gift from heaven. They are the most depraved government this country has ever know, and we can't get rid of them soon enough...