Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Harper Regime Insults Our Veterans. Again.

I must admit I didn't think these two shabby Cons could insult our veterans more than they did last year.

Or act in a more cowardly manner.

But a Con is a Con is a Con, and here they go again. 

The Veterans Affairs department says some veterans are exaggerating their injuries to continue receiving financial benefits from the government and to avoid joining the work force. 

The explosive allegation is contained in a recent internal report on a Veterans Affairs rehabilitation program designed to help injured ex-soldiers transition to civilian life, which found thousands of veterans are staying in the program much longer than anticipated — or not finishing it at all.

Can you believe it? 

After ignoring them, providing substandard services, nickel and dimeing them, and trying to steal their pensions, they would blame their VICTIMS...

NDP veterans affairs critic Peter Stoffer was critical of the department’s emphasis on potential abuse. “In my experience, the vast majority of veterans don’t want to be sick. They would love to be working full time. I think they’re trying to shift the blame for the problems they have in their own program.”

So much for the Con's shabby program.

Reviewers who prepared the report acknowledged some problems with the program. They found weaknesses in determining veterans’ needs, including delays in consultations with health care professionals. And only 28 per cent of veterans who sought help finding a job actually landed a career they wanted.

So much for Great Warrior Leader...

So much for his disturbing Christmas message. 

Where he also thanked our brave men and women in Iraq for keeping ISIS from beheading us in our beds. And boosting his polls.

And so much for his New Year's message...

Dan Murphy.

And the good news?

The way Harper and Fantino and the rest of the grubby Con gang have treated our veterans WILL be used against them in the next election campaign.

We'll meet those proud vets on the campaign trail.

And together we'll give these Con clowns their final marching orders...

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e.a.f. said...

its the tried and true method: blame the victim. Back in the day it was, if she didn't wear a short skirt she would not have been raped.

Its a tried and true method: tell a lie big enough and long enough, people will start to believe it or at least raise some doubts. Just wait for the "talk shows" to start carrying the message, those Vets are just taking advantage of the "system". Its been used before with Veterans, with WW II Vets. if it worked then, it just might work again. At least their base will buy into it.

Remember this guy wants to be re-elected and there is nothing and I do mean nothing he and his cons will not stoop to, if they think they won't be caught.

This is a leader of a western country which has had 1,200 women of one particular group murdered, and it isn't on his radar???? (and we are not a large country population wise) This is a man who will do anything and ignore everything.

David said...

The continuing adventures of Darth Harper:

David said...

Stop Harper T-shirt

David said...

Larger images:

thwap said...

Right. There's a significant portion of wounded vets who see the harpercons' shitty, substandard program as a ticket to easy street.

All they had to do was have a limb blown off and/or have nightmares every night for the rest of their lives and they have a guaranteed - NOT! - poverty income.