Monday, January 19, 2015

One More Reason the CBC's Managers Must Be Fired

Last night I wrote about the CBC and said that if it was in trouble people should blame the Harper regime and its managers, not its workers.

For it was its useless managers who created the celebrity culture that allowed "stars" like Jian Ghomeshi to bully those who worked for him.

Or allowed people like Amanda Lang or Rex Murphy to make a joke out of conflict of interest guidelines.

And this is more fuel for that bonfire of the vanities 

According to two separate accounts, several staffers took pictures of the fridge magnet message, but Andrew Ferguson, Executive Producer of News Now soon approached and ordered all employees to destroy the pictures from their phones, "before Jesse Brown finds out about this".

Because if that is true, it appears that those managers are more concerned about their image than they are about the safety of their employees.

If that's true, then they clearly cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.

And for the safety of those who work there, especially younger women. The managers must be fired.

And the police must be called in...

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1 comment:

e.a.f. said...

You'd wonder where their union is right about now also.

Then of course the Board of Directors are mostly Con appointments so what can you expect. They most likely think sexual harassment is just fine. if they didn't it wouldn't exists at the C.B.C.