Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stephen Harper, Alberta, and the House of Saud

Well let's face it, it's not a great time to be an Albertan. Their Great Leader Stephen Harper's oily obsession with creating a Greater Albertonia his leading them to disaster.

Once they were living high off the bitumen, and lording it over the rest of us. Now the wheels are falling off their monster trucks, and they're heading for a recession. 

But when they look around for somebody to blame, maybe they should take a close look at their House of Harper and it's warm relationship with the House of Saud.

Because then they might ask themselves, as Jeffrey Simpson does, why are they supporting those who are destroying their economy?

The Harper government boasts of conducting a high-minded, “principled” foreign policy. In that case, could someone in government explain why Saudi Arabia is Canada’s second-largest export market for military sales? Where’s the principle in that? 

Could that same person explain why the Harper government cozies up to a regime whose decision to drive down the world price of oil is crippling Canada’s oil industry and hurting the economy?

Why is Stephen Harper so chummy with those who are costing them so many jobs?

And why is his hapless stooge John Baird fawning over the ones who spawned and feed the terrorist menace?

Where’s the “principle” in arranging visits to Saudi Arabia for Foreign Minister John Baird and welcoming Saudi leaders to Canada when that country, arguably more than any other, has been responsible for financing schools and teaching that promote the Saudi’s Wahhabi version of Islam, which in turn has provided a fertile breeding ground for extremism and terrorism.

The terrorists who the Great Leader of Albertonia, or the Great Wannabe Cowboy Leader says want to behead us in our beds...

And what I wonder is whether some of them at least, might reconsider their one-party voting pattern?

Make their province look at least a little bit more democratic than Saudi Arabia.

And join people in the other provinces in giving the cowboy boot to the Con regime.

Because now would be the time, and it would be good for Canada.

For if they don't they really would look ridiculous. Sucking up to those who are sucking up to those who are destroying their economy. 

And fuelling the terrorist threat.

Or sitting in their downsized homes sucking up some Wild Rose Tea...

Hey, if Danielle Smith can do it, so can they.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the opposition parties do better in that province than they've ever done before.

In a close election it might even make a difference.

And can you imagine how Stephen Harper would feel about that?

I think he'd also need a cup of Wild Rose tea eh?

For it would drive him CRAZY...

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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Harper has $billions$ of reasons for doing business with the Saudis. It's funny how all that cash makes him look the other way but when atrocities happen where he has nothing to gain, he's silent. In Harper's world you get to pick and choose who you roll with 'till their useful no more. Worst PM ever!

    1. hi anon...I realize that money talks, and I want workers in Canada to have good jobs. But I don't support the arms industry, it's not my idea of what this country should be doing, and forging close relations with the brutish Saudi regime is simply obscene. And yes you're right, there has never been a worst Prime Minister or a less Canadian government....

  2. Worst Anon 12:42? I think you meant PM who is the devil incarnate eh? But pretends to be a devout christian. Go figure...

    1. hi mogs...I won't call him the devil incarnate, because I am an atheist. But I do know enough about religion to know that he is no Christian....

    2. I an an atheist as well that's why Jew ass-licking Harper makes me wanna puke. And to make matters worse when he is in Calgary he pretends to be a cowboy all the while he is afraid of horses First Nations and cows unless they are served up on his plate. Biggest loser Canada ever had as not so Prime Minister rather prime dictator...

      Fuck Simon I hate the man for how in a few short years he has shredded Canada and its reputation abroad. Sorry for the foul language but goddammit he has destroyed in four years what it took a century and a half to build. What is up with this picture?

      Everyone reading this please please for Canada's sake get out and vote every con clown out in the next election....

      That is unless Steve prorogues it indefinitely...

      Then we are all fucked.

      Cheers in the New Year,
      Mogs Moglio

  3. But the enemy I see
    Wears a cloak of decency

    --- Bob Dylan (Slow Train Coming)

    1. Hi David...well that enemy can't be the Cons, because NOTHING they wear could make them look decent...

  4. If putin would just buy some guns from us we would be cool with Crimea.