Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stephen Harper's Canada: Where Cons and Idiots Roam

Oh boy. It's lucky that where I live it's impossible to not know that I live in the Great White North.

Because if it wasn't, I might wonder whether I'm still living in Canada, or whether Stephen Harper has already changed it beyond recognition.

For it really is hard to believe that if you type "Stephen Harper was" into the Google search machine.

This is what comes up? 

A question about his sinister cameo appearance on his favourite TV show Murdoch Mysteries?

Instead of "Stephen Harper was the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. And the most depraved political monster Canada has ever known."

But if I find that shocking, and this scary...

This is even worse.

As Stephen Harper marked the ninth anniversary of his 2006 election victory on Friday, he had reason to be optimistic about the make-or-break year ahead.

On economic issues, though, Harper looks vulnerable as never before, but it’s by no means clear that the opposition can convince Canadians that they would do a better job.

To get rid of Harper, the opposition has to convince voters not that he is nasty or dishonest, but that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. That looks like a hard job, but if they don’t do that they won’t win.

Because I really can't believe that we STILL have to prove that Harper is incompetent and doesn't know what he's doing.

Or that nasty and dishonest don't count.

Or that Maher thinks that Harper looked GOOD when he said this:

“The oil industry isn’t remotely the entire Canadian economy,” he said, reassuringly. “I’ve been through many of these price cycles in my political and economic career and I have every confidence that industry will weather the storm, I say with some difficulty.”

When his own words condemn him. 

For if the oil industry isn't remotely the entire Canadian economy, why did he spend nine years worshipping at its feet? Why did he act as if it WAS the entire Canadian economy? Why did he allow his tarry obsession to push up the dollar and wreck our manufacturing sector?

Only to lead us to this greasy sinkhole. 

Canada’s oil producers are being told to brace for more bad news, even as they struggle to cope with a collapse that has driven prices down by nearly 60 per cent from their peak last June.

And look like a bumbling fool or an incompetent idiot, who didn't see it coming, doesn't know what he is doing, and is making it up as he goes along.

How hard is it to understand THAT? 

And how will we ever get some of the morons in this country to understand that Stephen Harper is NOT a Great Economist Leader?

When the MSM blows him like a trumpet. Instead of a sad trombone.

And so many Canadians are too dumb, or too brainwashed by his massive propaganda machine, to know a Con artist when they see one.

What will it take to get through to them? Will it be words, or crude sign language? Will it be videos, or will it be music? 

Because if it's music, I'm going with this one...

And not just because I like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

But because that's the ONLY message we need to hammer home to prove that Stephen Harper is incompetent.

He put all our eggs in one oily basket.

And ended up with eggy mess all over the place...

Or all over his face...

So his massive propaganda machine can grind on endlessly, the MSM can sing his praises.

But nothing can change the fact that he is no Great Economist Leader. He didn't see it coming, he doesn't know what he's doing. He is indeed incompetent and making it up as he goes along.

Even the dumbest Canadians should realize that soon. We will use it against him in the election campaign.

And we can't fire him soon enough...

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  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I suggest that Maher is wrong on this one. The opposition parties acctually have to do all three. Tell Canadians repeatedly that he is nasty, dishonest AND incompetent. And they have to consistently remind voters of his scandals, lies and failures especially putting all the eggs in the tarsands basket. They should not expect dumb voters to remember what Harper had done.

    If Dear Closet Leader wins again, we can only blame the Libs and NDP for not co-ordinating their attacks on the real enemy and instead dilute their messaging by attacking each other. Maher, one of the repentent journalists who had initially been in the Praise Harper camp but who had seen the light a few years ago, seemed discouraged when he wrote the article. Not that I blame him though.

    1. hi anon...of course Maher is wrong.To ignore that Harper is nasty and dishonest, and that's why so many Canadians despise him, is absurd. And in my view either incredibly cynical or frankly immoral. But yes the opposition should be coordinating their attacks, instead of fighting each other. I do notice however that the Liberals and the NDP have turned down the volume on those attacks recently, and that is at least mildly encouraging. And yes maybe Maher is discouraged like so many others in this country. But we can't afford that, we need to reach down and try to be as strong as possible. For our country does need to be saved and only we can do it...

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Totally agree with your analysis here Simon. Harper is no economist and even worse he is no great leader. That combo is clearly now very frightening for a majority of Canadians. However if the electorate splits he could still remain in power. His core base does not want to question his actions and still seem determined to support the decay of Canada's democracy, proud history and promising potential.

    There has to at least be some creeping self-doubt growing among the edges of the Con core given the ongoing headlines of corruption and incompetence under Harper. Neo-liberal anti-government Harper clearly has made the most fundamental economic error of recklessly putting all his energy into one basket (just as Christy has bet all of BC's future on LNG and more pipelines). Ignoring basic prudence Harper has ignored all other sectors of governance that did not support his corporate energy bosses and centralize his own power. This is more clear now then ever to even his voter base. Harper and Company are very long in the tooth and short in the truth. It is time for a change - Canada and all Canadians Can Do So Much Better. Vote for New Leadership and a Better Future.


    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Harper is a criminal. Like Mullfooley before him he is a puppet with grandiose ideas. Nothing can help our people if this guy is ever elected to any office again. But not to worry folks he has Board memberships awaiting. Canadian voters are fools.

    2. hi Bill...yes I can't understand how anyone can think he is a Great Economist Leader. He has kept us in deficit for nine years, having crippled the government's ability to raise money. He has shown no vision whatsoever. And now he has blown a surplus before he even had one. You can't be more incompetent than that, and in the real world he either would have been fired or arrested for fraud. A few months ago there were signs that his base was starting to desert him, but it seems the terrorist scare has brought them back into the fold. But as time goes by some of them could desert him again, and the desire for change is still strong out there, so hopefully it will prevail and he will be defeated...

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Harper can't have a budget done as, only one commodity is lower priced? I'm not buying it as we don't yet know, what evil Harper has done behind our backs, during this x-mas break.

    Harper selling Canada to Communist China was so secret, Harper met China in Russia to plot their evil deed. That makes Harper a traitor doing acts of treason, for selling Canada to Communist China. Canadians don't want that country on our Canadian soil, what-so-ever.

    Harper is the most corrupt fiscal manager, in the recorded history of this Nation. Everyone knows, it was another PM, that saved our Canadian bacon.

    Harper lied when he said? The US requested him to take a role in this war with ISIS? Obama said, he did no such thing. Harper was an abysmal failure in Wales and he forced his way into the war, to try and redeem himself. Harper put himself first and thought nothing of endangering Canadian lives, to save his own miserable hide.

    Anyone supporting that vile monster Harper, has no self respect for themselves. They can all walk under the belly of a snake, wearing top hats.

    1. hi anon...yes, the reasons for delaying the budget have nothing to do with economics and everything to do with cheap politics. It sends a very bad message to investors abroad, and is simply more proof that the Cons are desperate and don't know what they're doing....

  4. "And so many Canadians are too dumb, or too brainwashed by his massive propaganda machine, to know a Con artist when they see one."

    As I said before, Harper relies on uninformed/poorly informed voters to vote Con--the majority being older, white voters who are middle and upper middle class. All he needs to win another majority is his hard-core 30% base to vote (which they do!) plus pick up another 8-9% during the election campaign. That's why we need to get rid of the first past the post voting system and bring in either proportional representation

    or the ranked ballot voting system, which the Liberals prefer.

    1. hi David...I support the idea of proportional representation, but we'll never get it until we defeat the Cons, and we have to do that under the present system. And we'll only do that unless we can hammer home the message that Harper is not a Great Economist Leader. For the terrorist scare and his crime buster program won't stand the test of time. I've noticed that both the Liberals and the NDP have been sharpening their attacks on his economic record, so that is encouraging...

  5. Anonymous12:42 AM

    In order to defeat the cons, Canadians need to stop splitting their vote. We need o stay together and vote for the party that can upset that dictator.

    If we do Harper is counting on Canadian's to split their vote between the Libs and the NDP which will give him another mandate.

    I for one will never vote Cons and to be honest, sorry Simon but I cannot support the NDP. So.... Its clear what we have to do. Place your votes for the party that can actually replace Harper. In my honest opinion, It is not Mulcair. The majority of Canadians' Cannot handle another 4 years of the western Alliance party aka Republican part.

    1. hi're preaching to the converted. I strongly support a united progressive movement, and eventually a united Progressive Party. And I'm recommending that progressives vote the party in their riding that has the best chance of defeating the Cons, for the nightmarish vision of a voter split keeps me awake at night. I also have no problem with a coalition government, in fact I would welcome it. Because when the Liberals and the NDP work together, it can produce some of the best government this country has ever seen. And of course it would bring us closer to the day when the two parties merge, which I personally believe is inevitable...

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      You sound like your heart is in the right place so I will take the time to ask you to consider this. What if another strong NDP supporter also says sorry but I can never vote for a Liberal? Then between you and him, the non Cons vote is split and Harper wins. In my riding, the total of the Libs and NDP votes was about 15% higher than the Cons who won because of vote splitting likely because of people like the two of you. If we want to get rid of this monster, we have to vote with our heads, not our hearts. First things first, eh? Then next election, after we had rid ourselves of the Closet Leader, we can vote our hearts again. Strategic voting must be considered unless we want Harper to win through vote splitting .... and he will. Unless of course you are one of those "Blue Libs" who likely voted for Harper to block the NDP when it looked like Layton would be doing well. If you are, then why complain about Harper winning through vote splitting? You helped him win, that is the bottom line.

  6. Well Simon all he has to do is hide in a closet and hope he will win the next election. I don't think so the MSM is finally exposing Harper for the perfect loser he really is. Hopefully main stream Canadians are listening and reduce the so-called Harper-cons to no seats in parliament...

    1. hi mogs...I don't think we'll ever see him reduced to no seats in Parliament, because he has a rabid base that would vote for a monkey if necessary, as long as it was waring Con colours. But if the economy continues to struggle defeating him will be a lot easier, and I wouldn't be surprised if a wave sweeps across the country, and his losses are greater than most people can imagine right now....

    2. Well, here it is Monday morning and MPs are back today! Don't get excited.......Mr. H won't be there! The "3 amigos".........Baird, Kenny and Oliver probably won't show up either!

      There is TENSION in this great land..........legislation for tougher security and "terrorist" protection due on Friday.


  7. The most terrifying thing about all of this is that the Cons are on-track to win another election, albeit a minority win, but a win all the same.

    I just cannot fathom how Canadians can be so collectively ignorant. It is truly horrifying.

  8. e.a.f.8:20 PM

    Oil is a small part of the Canadian economy, so the decline in oil prices will effect Alberta and those who go to work there. Because the not so bright "economist" masquerading as a P.M. couldn't figure it out, the Canadian $ was permitted to reach a "high" which didn't benefit a lot of other Canadians. The high cost of gas put money into everybody's pockets except most citizens.

    Noah, I'm with you. I just can't figure out why people want to vote for harper. He hasn't done much for Canada. He defunded women's groups. cut benefits to Veterans, closed Veterans offices, we saw a huge increase in suicides of Armed Forces personnel and Veterans. We have ill equipped RCMP officers and understaffed detachments. Services have been cut to citizens. We don't have a singed health agreement. Harper continues to refuse to meet with premiers.

    I think some continue to vote for Harper because the other parties can't get their act together and the individual voters haven't been hurt yet by harper's actions, but their time will come, just as it has come to some many others.