Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stephen Harper's Image Problem and the Con's Secret Weapon

Well as you can imagine, Stephen Harper is having a little trouble with his image these days.

He can't pose as a Great Economist Leader anymore, not with the disastrous state of the economy.

And although he is still trying to portray himself as a Great Strong Leader, as I pointed yesterday. 

He knows that image is fatally flawed...

So he's off to the funeral of this murdered mountie. 

Knowing like a piranha knows there's blood in the water, that there are questions about why his killer was at large, rather than in jail.

And he can use that to portray himself as a Great Crime Busting Leader, promote his new website. 

And attack Justin Trudeau.

Because when it comes to propaganda, the Cons are shameless. And as Bruce Anderson points out, incredibly cynical.

I may not watch as much live TV as I used to, but I still watch enough to see how many of our tax dollars are being spent on advertising to us. It would be a shocking amount for the most reckless spending of governments. But for a government that boasts of frugality: it’s off-the-dial cynical.

For what kind of monstrous government would try to brainwash us with our OWN money?

I’ve no quarrel with governments advertising to make people aware of programs and services, to encourage socially useful behaviour, and to build knowledge around important national issues. 

But these days the government seems addicted to spending our money to shape our mood. They want voters to feel good about the way things are. And worried about how they would be if another party was running things.

But sometimes even all that money, and even six coats of pancake makeup, can't make Stephen Harper look like a Gentler Kinder Leader...

Instead of a dangerous maniac right out of some horror movie.

So the Cons have enlisted a secret weapon in their desperate attempt to try to soften his image: his wife Laureen.

Seen here starring in her very own episode, on the Con's taxpayer funded propaganda channel...

And you know, after watching that video I don't think it's going to work.

Because she's not that warm either eh?

I mean who can forget the day a young activist asked her a question about the missing and murdered women, at a fancy fundraiser to raise money for homeless cats...

And how she made it clear she's no kinder gentler Harper.

So good luck with that one.

And the good news? It should be HILARIOUS.

It will make the Cons look like they are DESPERATE.

And if Laureen can keep that other furry creature in a cage as much as possible...

She'll do us all a favour.

Until the happy day arrives.

When we can fire BOTH of them...

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  1. Propaganda worshiping dictatorships and closets go hand in hand with chickenshit Steve...

    1. hi mogs....yes you're right, and even Big Brother didn't dare brainwash his subjects with their own money. It really is a nightmare...

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    “We wanted to get some homes for the animals. That’s the main thing,” she said.

    Harper also spoke about the commitment of owning a pet.

    “You don’t just get one because they’re cute and you see them and you want one,” she said. “I know – I’ve been married 21 years.”

    1. hi anon...thanks for the link, and that quote is rather revealing. Just like when she was asked what she would take to a desert island and forgot to include Steve. They're a strange couple indeed, and I said, they do seem to deserve each other...

  3. Hi Simon. It just shows how out of touch these CONS are. Laureen Harper is about as mediocre as they get. To call her a secret weapon, as if she has some kind of persuasive quality that will get Canadians to vote for her husband is ludicrous. She may in fact achieve the opposite.

    1. hi Pamela...I agree, she's no secret weapon. I didn't find that video made her look good. I thought it made her look cold, and not a little bit creepy...

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Who's creepier? The Cat Woman or the Psycho Killer? Kind of a toss up.

    1. hi anon....good question. It's hard to tell. But let's put it this way, I would not like to be invited to dinner at 24 Sussex Drive, and as I said, they do seem to deserve each other....

  5. Where are the children? Hiding in the closet?

    1. hi Kathleen...I don't know poor things. Let's just hope she doesn't keep them in a cage, like all her other furry creatures... ;)

  6. The idea of economic growth is always being pushed on us. How can there be endless economic growth on a limited planet? Why is a steady-state economy seen as a disaster?

    1. hi Hugh...the reason it's been forced on us is because capitalism as we know it depends on endless growth, as much as it now depends on endless credit. Even if, as you point out, it's killing the planet.
      There will be a day of reckoning, and the system as we know it will have to be changed...

  7. I have met lonely old ladies who hoard cats. Never trusted them.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I'm a huge animal lover, but I find Laureen's apparent love for them a little forced, and I can't help wondering whether it's all just more propaganda. And of course, I can never forget that horrible story when Stephen Harper ordered his CHEF to bury one in the garden.... ;)

  8. Three things to a deserted island - "my phone, salted caramels and my animals".
    I don't think Laureen cares too much for Steve and the kids are getting to be independent.
    She does have a similar marital history as Eleanor of Aquitaine, her heroine, in that Eleanor had her childless first marriage annulled. Eleanor became estranged from her second husband Henry ll of England " an energetic and ruthless leader" -( he's the guy who had Thomas Beckett killed) who imprisoned her for supporting her son, Ben ( sorry, I meant Eleanor's son Henry who later became Richard the Lion Heart) in a revolt against her husband. She was not released until Henry ll died.
    Eleanor's favourite colour was Aquitaine Bleu, also the name of a cheese, now banned, that was used as a chemical weapon at the battle of Agincourt.
    Eleanor also developed Aquitaine's toffee industry incorporating salt crystals from Nantes.
    Eleanor developed the precursor of semaphore signalling while imprisoned by her cruel and ruthless second husband.
    Among her other accomplishments were the establishment of large houses in the Loire Valley dedicated to cats. - the celebrated CHATeau !
    Both Laureen and Eleanor seem like nice women who got involved with some pretty badass guys.

    1. hi hinofan....yes that answer to the question about the deserted island was a little bizarre wasn't it? And here I was thinking that the PMO propaganda crew was following her around that creepy mansion with 24 giant cue cards. And yes, I was fascinated to find out that she worships Eleanor of Aquitaine. I once appeared in a university production of The Lion in Winter. And the Eleanor character had one of the best lines in the play. When asked by Henry her estranged husband why after all he has done to her she keeps smiling, she responds this way: "It's my way of registering despair."
      One day we may find out more about the relationship between our royal couple, and I doubt it will be too pleasant...

  9. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Then there is Obama and he certainly has no use for Harper either. Harper can kiss the Keystone good-bye, until Obama's term is over.

    Other countries can't tolerate Harper, other than Israel. They despise Harper's bullying and his hissy fits when, he doesn't get his own way.

    Harper's cabal is just as bad as he is, they have no self respect what-so-ever. Shame on everyone, that supports that monster.

    1. hi anon...yes it is simply pathetic that Harper postponed his so-called Three Amigos meeting, just because he is too afraid of coming face to face with Obama. The President of the country next door.
      As I've said many times, one of things I hate the most about him and his foul Con regime, is the way they have shamed us in the eyes of the world...

    2. Harper would prefer no meetings... with anyone! And if he could figure out a way to get rid of Question Period, he would.

      Rick’s Rant – First Ministers Meeting




    The grievance mentality is deepened by the sense that the Americans have given nothing in return for Canadian participation in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the venue Canada provided for the U.S.-Cuba talks. Things have improved a bit, but they got so bad a while ago that the U.S. ambassador to Canada had to get Prime Minister’s Office’s approval for meetings with cabinet ministers.


  11. Hi David...yes I saw that Simpson story, and it certainly was depressing. Obama for all his flaws comes out looking like a giant, compared to Harper's little rat. Once we were on the right side of every argument with the U.S., now we're on the wrong side, and are been made to look like the rednecks from some kind of Banana Republic...

  12. e.a.f.8:30 PM

    Yes, another dead RCMP officer and another photo op for harper. It would cost a fortune to get that type of media attention, now all he has to do is show up at a funeral and get it for free.

    So what has he done for the RCMP lately? About as much as he has done for Veterans. Stevie managed to get income splitting for well to do 2 parent families, but RCMP OFFICERS, not so much. Some one should ask harper and his herd when they up graded the revolvers RCMP officers carry. The "not so bullet proof vests" RCMP officers wear are so outdated they can only stop the bullets from their out dated guns. After the murder of 4 RCMP officers in Alberta some years ago a report was issued. Did any of it get enacted? not so much.

    Then we had the little problem in the Maritines and 3 RCMP officers got killed and harper got another nice photo op. The RCMP still didn't have adequate guns, they didn't have adequate rifles, they didn't even have enough vests. The vests they do have are heavy, hot, and uncomfortable and they can't stop most bullets.

    Whether we like the RCMP or not, we have a duty to ensure they are properly equipped just like very other police force in Canada and have the right to unionize, just like every other police force in Canada.

    There is a class action suit against the Federal Government with over 300 past and present RCMP officers for bullying, sexual harassment, etc. What has Harper done? passed 81 "crime bills" but done nothing about the terrible working conditions of the rank and file of the RCMP.