Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Humiliation of Jason Kenney and the Desperation of the Cons

Yesterday I wrote about how Jason Kenney was embarrassed, when he claimed in a CTV interview that the government would use budget cuts to easily balance the budget. 

But wouldn't touch the rainy day fund set aside for emergencies, like natural disasters. Because you know, the Con regime is a RESPONSIBLE government, 

Only to have an anonymous Finance Department official say exactly the opposite. They're NOT planning budget cuts, but they ARE thinking of going after the rainy day fund.

Which as I pointed out, left Kenney looking like an idiot or a dunce...

Or a dangerous buffoon who either appointed himself Finance Minister, or has been hurriedly pressed into service in his role as the Minister of Everything.

After poor Oily Joe Oliver collapsed under the strain...

But believe it or not,  yesterday this scary Con clown horror show got even worse, and Kenney was further humiliated !!!!

When the sinister mob in the PMO let it be known that he forgot to restrain himself on that TV show, and had just been sloppily verbally incontinent.

Senior government officials are dismissing as a tempest in a teapot the apparent contradiction between Jason Kenney and Joe Oliver when it comes to how the federal government plans to balance the budget. 

Although no one was willing to talk on the record, government sources said Kenney -- who has not been privy to all the pre-budget discussions and decision-making -- had simply misspoken in the interviews.

As you can judge for yourself in this video...

And after you watch that horror show, it's clear that none of Cons know what they're doing. They're in an absolute panic. They're making it up as they go along.

They can see where their decision to put all our eggs in one oily basket is leading them. 

The federal government alone is set to lose $4.3-billion this year, the Conference Board of Canada said in a report Tuesday. The board is among the organizations that provide forecasts to the finance department and its findings add to the growing private sector opinion that Ottawa’s return to budget surplus is in jeopardy.

And the country.

Their election strategy looks like an omelette, sliding down a wall. And their Great Monster Leader can't think fast enough, or stagger fast enough to keep up with events.

Stephen Harper may still seek to control the message, but so far in 2015, he has been unable to control events.

Harper is steering his re-election bid over a landscape now littered with economic uncertainty, war, stalled pipeline projects, a huge trade deal that is more boast than reality, a chill in relations with our neighbour, and a Liberal leader who stubbornly refuses to go away.

There are suddenly no aces in the prime minister’s hand. If he pulls this one out, it would be a testament to his ability to bluff rather than stack the deck.

But he's not the only Con who is DESPERATE.

So is Kenney, because the income splitting scam is HIS pet project. 

Designed to reward his faithful base who want to encourage women to stay at home, preferably barefoot and pregnant...

He almost attacked the late Jim Flaherty in the commons when he had the nerve to criticize it. And now that the NDP is calling for the scam to be scrapped he's willing to do ANYTHING to defend it...

Even twist the truth in a most un-Godly manner...

Or try to scare seniors into thinking that his income splitting bill and Flaherty's income splitting bill for pensioners are one and the same. 

When they are totally different. One is law and his bill isn't. So killing his plan would have no effect on the other. And it's just cheap scaremongering.

But then that's who he is, and that's who they are.

And the good news is that they really are desperate.

And that when we get rid of Harper.

We'll also get rid of him...

For the sake of our poor country.

For the sake of human decency.

It can't happen soon enough...

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  1. Great video Simon and watching each of those slippery men contradict themselves is certainly laughable but unfortunately they retain credibility. This speaks to how effective they have been at their self-branding and apparently nothing seems to knock them off. The big job now is to point this out to Steve and get him to do some explaining.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...yes they really are a Con clown circus, and I don't understand how anybody could think differently. But yeah the opposition needs to be more aggressive, and explain that to those Canadians who still don't get it...

  2. Simon my friend I don't know how Canadians are stupid enough to buy this dog shit. When will they wake up from their medicated alcohol hockey hokey slumber and kick out the idiots in power? Got any answers?

    1. hi I told bceaterboy I can't understand why so many Canadians can be so easily fooled. But we have all the ammunition we need to expose them, and it is up to the progressive parties, and the rest of us, to flatten the Cons with it...

    2. Ya Simon derail them...

  3. Jason and Baird look like idiots like their master Steve the peeve Harper...

    1. hi mogs...yes it will be said of the shabby Cons that they did all come to resemble their monstrous master, and did go down with him....

  4. "One hand does not know what the other hand is doing"........I've heard this for years, and in my life, was always a joke! NOW, it is NO JOKE!

    Canada is no longer a peace-loving country.........basic values have gone down the toilet!

    Is there any hope? Man's GREED will destroy us ALL!


    1. Kathleen keep the faith that united we actually can defeat this BS...

      Cheers Kat,
      Mogs Moglio


  5. Funny how all these finance Conjobs can't seem to get their stories straight, but then, that is the nature of a 'story'...same thing happened to Flaherty, as you might recall..
    I truly am avoiding any vids where Cons are talking, either on the tube or the web..just cant' stand the bs anymore...
    What's next, Conjobs? Four legs good, two legs bad?

  6. Kenny has done this before with immigration. This time, things are different ; he got his fingers slapped. Remember the western Ontario nomination meeting with one candidate backed by Kenny and another backed by Mulroney . Kenny won , but lyin brian may be playing a long game looking for a dynasty .

    Knifing Joe Clarke bought lots of shoes. Maybe the old sleazer has noted Harper's weakness and is undermining Kenney to install a new Muldoon on the con throne.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I think it more likely that the PMO is in a state of shock, and they are just making it up as they go along. But it was good to see Kenney slapped down like that , and he must be seething. He's trying to show that he is also an amateur economist like his Great Leader, and like him he couldn't look more ridiculous...

  7. Good post Simon. Thanks.

    1. hi Kirby...thanks I'm glad you liked the post. Sometimes reading Kenney's twitter feed does pay off. And it does tell you that they will do or say anything to be elected. I fear the next election campaign will be their filthiest ever...

  8. The "secret weapon" has been launched........LAUREEN and her cat ornaments!

    1. hi Kathleen...I saw that, and hopefully will be able to have some fun with it soon. For it does tell you how desperate they are...

  9. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I'm afraid Kenney is right. Harper's waiting until before the election to partake in his favorite activity of slashing the PS. He'll try to con us into thinking he's a fiscal genius when in fact he's an incompetent twit. The ignorants will buy it while services to Canadians will further erode and public safety put in further jeopardy. Harper's talents at running this country are about as good as his singing, atrocious.

    1. hi anon....he very well could be, it seems obvious to me that the Cons will try to carve some of that surplus back by squeezing government departments, killing even more good government jobs, and compromising services. But the good news is that after this oily apocalypse, Harper will NEVER be able to claim again that he is a Great Economist Leader....

  10. Harper at the end of the clip if you have any intelligence obviously has no clue about what he is mouthing off about. Its not a tax its a levy um when was a levy not a tax? Only in shit for brains Harper's world...