Friday, January 02, 2015

The Robocall Scandal and the Monstrous Con Conspiracy

If you remember that the judge who sentenced Michael Sona to nine months in jail, for his role in the robocall scandal, said he didn't believe the former Con operative had acted alone.

And that during the trial, the Crown's star witness Andrew Prescott suggested that Sona's former boss was involved. 

And you remember that another judge, in another robocall case that went nowhere, also suggested it was a conspiracy.

You might think that Elections Canada would keep trying to crack the case. 

But if you did you'd be wrong.

Investigators are not taking any steps to contact a key figure in the Guelph robocalls case, despite a judicial finding that others were likely involved with the scheme that sent Conservative campaign worker Michael Sona to jail late last year.

So we might never hear what Ken Morgan has to say about what was going on under his nose in his own office...

Or how he explains this one:

Prescott also described how Morgan approached him on election day, after the misleading calls had gone out, and told him to log into RackNine to stop the calls. Morgan gave Prescott a piece of paper with the login ID and password for “client 93,” the RackNine account set up under the fake name Pierre Jones that was used to launch the the calls. 

Why Morgan had the login information for the account was never addressed at trial.

And when you wonder how all of the above could happen? And why Elections Canada is apparently folding its tent so easily.

Or why the RCMP goes after people who smoke marijuana, but not after those who would steal an election.

Or why the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson won't release a video of the Ottawa gunman...

So we can decide whether he's a real terrorist, as Stephen Harper claims, or just a maniac.

Or why the RCMP seems to be taking its orders directly from the PMO?

Internal emails suggest the federal government may have played a role in the RCMP’s decision in September to abruptly pull out of a news conference with Muslim groups to announce the release of an anti-terrorism handbook.

For no good reason.

Or why the Canadian Revenue Agency appears to have been turned into a blunt political weapon to go after those who dare challenge the Con regime.

And when you add it all up you really have to wonder what kind of a sinister web Stephen Harper is spinning...

And whether we're still living in a democracy.

Or what he might do next...

And that's when I cling to the hope that Great Spidey Leader will have a very Happy Unhappy Duffy New Year...

So some more light can be brought to bear on his ghastly government.

Help reveal its inner workings.

And bring the whole monstrous conspiracy, and its democratically depraved leader.

Crashing to the ground...

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  1. Cons are sick bastards and bastardesses.

    1. hi Grant...they are indeed. And good post, that asshole Moore really has no class. What was he thinking? I don't know if I mentioned I use to visit that town quite frequently on my way to a friend's place, so I was stunned at what happened. It was a most horrible tragedy, and as you point out, it wouldn't had happened if the Cons hadn't been asleep at the switch. Or looking the other way to help their corporate friends. If only for the dead we really must get rid of those foul creatures...

  2. It should be a given that if you laugh at the law, you have removed yourself from the law's protections. At the very least, you shouldn't believe that others are obliged to obey the silly laws that you write.

    1. hi thwap...yes the Cons have made a mockery out of the law, and I worry about how they are politicizing the civil service and the police. But thanks to the Supreme Court they can't do away with the law altogether, and hopefully we can use it against them one day....

  3. Grant um maybe I think you mean sickos? After all sicko is generic...

  4. A few years ago, a similar situation was enacted here in BC..there was a scandal relating to the sale of railroads here that involved certain Provincial 'operatives' and 9 million dollars later, they were magically turfed with no trial, no explanation. as well as a dull and passive population that apparently thought nothing much was going on...all of this was the result of the machinations of a certain Gordon Campbell, who, after kowtowing in so many ways to Harper, was finally turfed (self-immolation) by the populace and was rewarded with the posting at Britain's Canada House...a posting I believe he is still in, swilling from that trough that Harper so readily provides for any and all who kowtow to his infernal wishes...
    Nothing to see here, folks, just keep it moving...

    1. hi mizdarlin....well that's what they would like us to do, just shuffle along blind and ignorant. But needless to say they won't get their way. I feel a new energy in the air, and I'm reaching out to others to come up with ways to really ruin their party. In the end I predict it will seem like an avalanche...

  5. .. I also posted the analogy below to Creekside, Simon..
    For now I am working only with evidence based words and ideas
    though expert level re Photo/Imagery & Video Production/Post Production
    Perhaps I will expand my efforts there and go beyond words, comment, Twitter etc
    Will see.. For now think it best to communicate simple ideas or questions to Canadians & voters

    .. Analogies regarding criminal Election Fraud needed
    Here's a sample Scenario & Question for 'Pollsters' to try out

    Across Canada, Trust Funds & Savings accounts at 240 bank branches of THE BANK are robbed on the same day, via electronic theft using directories, passwords & access codes shared within Head Office of THE BANK in Ottawa as well as to the branches. Thousand and thousands lose all their savings and Trust Funds

    Afterwards, THE BANK spokespersons & lawyers immediately bluster that the robberies did not happen 'Baseless Smears' says one, over and over and over again.. they grudgingly describe the alleged event as isolated to just one branch.. and that all the other banks often allege they have been robbed.. and that people who lose any or all of their money often exaggerate.

    Banking agencies and the 'Authorities' slowly show some interest. After a year, THE BANK reluctantly states it may allegedly involve more than one branch in Guelph Ontario but if it even happened, it must have been the action of a lone perpetrator - perhaps the bank volunteer who's name they have already leaked to newspapers and TV media. Most all the bank staff from that branch have left the country or soon arrange 'immunity'

    The funds are NEVER RECOVERED.. and there is ZERO REFUND for THE BANK's thousands and thousands of clients. After several years of investigation the closure rate is left at 1 out of the 240 criminal Fraud cases. The remaining 239 'cold cases' are declared unsolvable by The Banking Authorities & THE BANK cites the conviction of a single person as a great victory for Crime & Punishment & THE BANK. New banking secrecy laws are passed to make this so.

    Now my question for erudite and non partisan Pollsters is ..

    'Are you, or do you know anyone.. 'Crazy' enough
    to keep their money in a branch of THE BANK ?'

    1. hi salamander...good for you. We all need to put our creative heads together and come up with the best social media campaign ever. As I tell people, I saw how social media negated the advantage of the MSM during the Scottish referendum campaign, and since we are an extremely connected country, I'm sure we can do even better here. I'm going to try to make some videos in the next week or so to try out some ways to get the STOP HARPER message out....

  6. Anonymous2:16 PM

    royal CONSERVATIVE mounted police.
    CONSERVATIVE revenue agency.
    Any questions?

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were all paranoid dictators. They all lied, cheated, were corrupt, thieves, use dirty politics, dirty tactics and they all cheated to win. In what way is Harper any different? He is just as nuts as the dictators of the 30's and 40's were. All dictators have, very similar characteristics and Harper certainly fits the profile.

    As usual, Harper is stonewalling and blocking the investigation of his robo-call election fraud. Cote of EC is Harper's boy pet and does what he is told to do. Cote said, he did not have jurisdiction to chase down the robo-calls, that came out of the US. Most of us knew Harper had used his robo-call scam, to cheat to win right after the election.

    Most disgusting of all is? Harper says he is a devout Christian that, *prey's* for guidance every day. Harper's cabal are far too afraid of Harper's vile temper, to oppose him. They are useless, spineless, gutless wonders.

    1. hi anon...yes the robocall investigation is a farce. But the good news is that it appears to have made more Canadians determined to vote in the next election. So the Con campaign to suppress the vote may have exactly the opposite effect...

  8. e.a.f.4:57 PM

    of course no government agency is going to "investigate". The cons control the government and no government/employee is going to rock the boat. They were appointed to their positions, so they know they can be unappointed.

    It will be up to some other non governmental agency or individual to expose the corruption and then hope it is covered by the media.

    Mizdarlin is oh so right about what went on in B.C. with the B.C. Rail "sale" give away. A profitable railway which the government owned was "sold" to a "friend" of el gordo's company, well he was the ceo. and alleged el gordo "bag person", what did they call it, oh right a 1000 yr lease. Now el gordo "sold" it for a billion but what he didn't tell anyone was the purchaser got a few tax breaks so in the end, they got a profitable railway for about 1/2 a billion, oh and then the number of rail accidents went up.

    Then there was the raid on the B.C. Leg. buildings, while the RCMP were looking into a drug case and viola next we have guys arrested who worked for cabinet ministers, went to trial, but oh, right they had these really, really cool lawyers. Then of course the government witnesses just had all these memory lapses, like dementia on steroids and then over night, there was a deal, the two guys got to plead "guilty" and the government paid $6 Million worth of legal bills. No provision for that either and then as Mizdarlin writes, el gordo got to go to London. Of couse his punishment was he could no longer live with his dear "lara" and has to make do with living with his wife.

    So we in B.C. know exactly how well things can work with a complaint police agency, for politicans.
    Do we expect anything different in Ottawa, not so much. we see how well it works for the farm team in B.C. and we haven't even discussed "legalized gambling" and allegations/reports of money laundering through the casinos. Ya, that ain't being investigated all that much either, just keep expanding the gambling.

    Any allegations of "election rigging" will be swept under the carpet. We might want to apply to the U.N. for election "observers" to ensure the next election is run legally.

    As to Duffy, I'd be surprised if he lived to his trial and if he does, a deal will be made, just like they did in B.C. and Duffy will take it and stevie and the cons will go to the next election.

    1. hi e.a.f...what all these government departments need to understand is that when a progressive government takes power their activities will be investigated. And any department heads who are found to have collaborated with the Con regime will be fired immediately, and if possible put on trial. There will be a day to exact revenge, and it will be sweet...