Thursday, January 15, 2015

All The Ways Stephen Harper Could Soon Be Gone

It's one of my fondest dreams, the day Stephen Harper finally leaves. And it can't happen soon enough.

Because I honestly believe that him and his ghastly Cons are losing touch with reality, or think they can brainwash us all.

And that we are all FOOLS.

Because there he was in that latest Con propaganda video I ran last night. Telling Canadians that even though he blew the surplus before he had one, and even though experts are warning he's flirting with a deficit.

He's STILL a Great Economist Leader...

And he'll STILL have enough money to bribe voters.

And to make matters worse, now his oily stooge Joe Oliver is trying to make the future look even rosier, by suggesting he may change jimmy the accounting rules. 

Finance Minister Joe Oliver is signalling he will change his department’s approach to calculating future oil prices, an accounting decision that will have a dramatic impact on the Conservative government’s election-year bottom line.

By ignoring those who warn that oil prices could stay down for a long time, in favour of those who believe they will soon rebound.

Using private-sector forecasts – some of which see oil prices rising later this year – would add billions to the government’s revenue projections.

And basing his upcoming budget on money he may never have.

Great eh?

And that's when I start thinking again of all the ways Stephen Harper could be gone by this time next year.

Just like Paul Adams does here. 

There is a possibility that Stephen Harper could still be our prime minister this time next year — maybe until 2019, or beyond. But it’s still more likely that he will be gone by 2016, left only to haunt our dreams. It’s just the way of his going that has yet to be determined.

And I must admit I like ALL those scenarios. I find this encouraging:

Campaign rivalries might make it difficult for the Liberals and NDP to work together to oust Harper after the election. But those same dynamics would make it impossible for them to explain to their supporters why they’d prop him up. They’d be under pressure to find a way, soon after Parliament meets, to dump the Harper Conservatives. And they would.

But of course this too is true:

Summing all the scenarios, I think Stephen Harper is probably gone as prime minister within a year — even with a divided opposition. His only real chance to stay in power is an outright majority, which is a long shot. But if he is with us for another term as prime minister, it won’t be because we are living in a dictatorship. It will be because his opponents failed to get their act together.

Although I would put it this way: we do need to get our act together, or we will end up living in a dictatorship.

And the good news is, I'm sure we will rise to the occasion.

Let's keep building the Great Stop Harper Movement one person at a time...

Or three.

Let's get ready to fight for our country with joy in our hearts.

Let's get ready to turf those ghastly Cons and their depraved leader.

And sing this song together...

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  1. Canadians are being befuddled by BULLSHIT!

    1. hi Kathleen...yes I realize many Canadians are worried, and confused by all that propaganda. But they will have to be smarter, or that monster and his filthy gang will take us all down...

  2. Internationally he has become a piarah. His friends Camoron, Aboot, and Netanyahoo. Everyone else he can not meet with. Paris photo op, not there. Three Amigos Summit cancelled. Alone in the world and hopefully alone in Paliament when the CRAP party is back to one seat.

    1. hi Steve...yes he has turned us into a grubby pariah nation, for which I can never forgive him. The cowardly closet leader didn't dare go to Paris. And the fact that he postponed the Three Amigos Summit can only mean he's scared of Obama OR is planning a February surprise, as I have warned about before. But one thing is for sure, now that he's leading us to economic disaster, we can't get rid of him soon enough...

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Simon, I am beginning to seriously think a spring election will be called, so your 'sooner' wish may come true.
    Two interesting news items today: the Three Amigos Conference scheduled in Canada for February is being postponed to later this year, and Oliver says his budget will be postponed at least until April. Various reasons given for both items of course. A March election may be the real reason.

    1. hi I told Steve I also suspect that he might be planning an election call in February for a March election before things get worse and before the Duffy trial begins. I'll watch what's happening at the riding level, and should know soon enough...

  4. e.a.f.2:17 PM

    The economy is going to tank. Not only is Target pulling out but so is Sony. The "working-middle class" is no longer there, in any real numbers. With one in six children in Canada living in poverty, things can not be all that good here. children live in poverty because their parents don't make enough money. that may become an election issue--no money. People may look to other parties in an effort to maintain social programs, if they sense they will need them. to continue to have one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the G-20 does Canada no good. its starved the bank account of the country and now there is nothing left to get the country through a recession. Harper was so anxious to give his base a tax break, he forgot they are not the majority.

    In the U.S.A. wages are actually rising. In Canada, not so much. You can't buy things if you don't have money. the only growth we will be seeing is in the numbers of people going to food banks, and they just won't be the unemployed, it will be the fully employed--the working poor.

    the great economist is going, going, gone. Next leader of the Cons., most likely the current Premier of Alberta. Even with a decline in their economy, due to oil prices going down, if he pulls that province through this, he will be the next leader of the cons. I'd suggest Alberta will weather the economic storm better than B.C.

    1. hi e.a.f....although the departure of Target and Sony is not directly tied to the Canadian situation, they will only magnify the economic gloom, and make even less people believe that Harper knows what he is doing. And as for Alberta, you might hope that even people there will realize that putting all their eggs in one oily basket was not a good idea, and not vote for the Cons like a school of fish. But that might be asking too much....